Fox News Host Forgets 9/11, Gets Very Angry About It


The eight-year period of 2000-2008 was the best, wasn’t it? First everyone freaked out about Y2K which ended up not really being very exciting, then the movie Chicken Run came out, but then wasn’t there something kind of bad that happened in 2001? Like maybe some bad El Niño weather or the end of a popular television series, or a giant terrorist attack that killed nearly 3,000 people? Not according to Glenn Beck-substitute lecturer Eric Bolling! Maybe he was cruising for chicks with Carson Daly that year, because 9/11 somehow slipped his mind.

Eric Bolling is very angry that someone pointed out his error, because “Never Forget” is something that everyone gets branded into their skin at the beginning of Fox News boot camp. This “no terrorist attacks” mistake was actually not his fault though, because it is really the fault of “radical liberals” who are personally attacking the children of 9/11 victims, or something.

[ThinkProgress/Fox News]


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