One of the most grating things about watching two solid days of Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings — you know, besides how she wouldn't even acknowledge that water is wet, in case there might be a "controversial" case coming her way where the defendants believe differently — was the CONSTANT FAWNING over her GABILLION CHILDREN. On top of the white savior shit (did you know ACB has two Black children and therefore cannot by definition have racial biases, according to Republicans?), we were constantly encouraged to be super-impressed that this unqualified, obfuscating asshole has seven kids. Guess what? So did Michelle Duggar before she had 100,000 more kids, and we're not putting her on the Supreme Court.

They told us the young daughters of misogynistic conservatives finally had somebody to look up to, as if they couldn't just rebel against their shithole parents and look up to actual woman heroes, like other kids do. They tried to gaslight us into believing people were attacking Barrett just for being a mother, because liberals and progressives always do that.

But despite how Republicans have been claiming it is so, nobody has actually been attacking Amy Comet Ping-Ping for being a mother, just like nobody has been attacking her for wanting to be the — *checks abacus* — SIXTH Catholic on the current Supreme Court, in a presidential election year where the frontrunner is also Catholic. We have no reason to believe she's anything but a great mom, and the essence of reproductive freedom is that you get to CHOOSE what kind of family you want to have. Amy Coney Barrett made her choice, and we are glad for it!

Amanda Marcotte wrote convincingly for Salon that the purpose of all this was to troll actual feminists, as if to say, "See, ladies? THIS woman is smart and successful, and she didn't even have to abort all her itty bitty babies to make that happen! What's YOUR problem?"

Fox News's Greg Gutfeld — that fetus-fetishizing paragon of sexism, last seen on Wonkette shitting his pants in fear that he is going to PERSONALLY GET KILLED if Joe Biden loses the election — decided to defend Amy Coney Barrett in his own special way this week, by saying the only reason Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar were being mean to Amy Coney Barrett is because she is hotter and smarter than they are, or something, which makes them very jealous:

GUTFELD: The one thing that I don't like about these hearings in general is that you learn about a person in how they wield their power when they have it. Like, if they have this authority to treat you like crap and they do, then they're a terrible person. But if you have the authority to hammer somebody, but you do it with some kind of grace, that's different. And it seems to me watching Klobuchar and watching Kamala Harris, these are people that --- they just come off smaller and they come off petty. They're like mean girls and they're just jealous because this person happens to be smarter and more successful than they are.

Amy Klobuchar is a United States senator who made it pretty damn far in the Democratic primary for president. Kamala Harris is a United States senator who in two weeks, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, will be the vice president-elect of the United States of America. January 20, she will be the vice president.

Amy Coney Barrett is ... smarter and more successful than they are? Because the Federalist Society judicial incest money machine plucked her out of obscurity and stuck her on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, before which point she had never judged a case, and three years later informed Donald Trump that she would be the ideal candidate to destroy actual feminist hero Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy?

Jealous? Of what, exactly? LOL, Greg, and also fuck you.

We've already told you about how badass Amy Klobuchar has been in these hearings, but here's some video again, if you want to watch her beating ass.

And here is future Madam Vice President Kamala Harris asking Amy Coney Barrett to answer simple questions like "Is COVID a virus" and "Does smoking kill," to set that fucking idiot up to refuse to answer whether climate change is real and caused by humans, because of how Barrett is one of those dead-end morons who apparently believes there is a "controversy" about that topic.

Boy, they sure do seem JEALOUS.

Or, you know, the opposite of that.

[Media Matters]

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