Fox News Idiots Not Sure People Even In Hospital With Coronavirus, SAYS WHO?

Remember how Wonkette was just saying Fox News is being a little bit more careful about spreading lies about coronavirus, now that Donald Trump is pretending to take it more seriously for a minute? OK, well that lasted nine seconds, which, to be fair, is a new record for Fox.

During a panel discussion about "groupthink" about coronavirus — you know, all the things the libs obviously don't want you to know! — led by the stupidest Fox News anchor with a British accent, Steve Hilton, they discussed the possibility, based on something somebody saw on Twitter, that hospitals are ACTUALLY empty, but the Deep State doesn't want you to know that, obviously.

But the discussion was more than that, so let's dive into the stupid for a sec. Transcript courtesy of Media Matters:

HILTON: [T]here's a piece that really caught my eye, and a lot of other people, by a guy called John Lee, in The Spectator, the U.S. version of The Spectator online. And he was really, you know, another expert, a doctor, looking into the data, saying, for example, when we see people, when we see these death rates in Italy and elsewhere, how do we know that all those people actually died of coronavirus rather than, for example in Italy, they have a very high rate of hospital-acquired infections.

Yeah, um, OK, so that's really common. When hospitals are overrun, and patients are immuno-compromised, hospital-acquired infections happen more. It stands to reason that hospital-acquired infections would be on the rise in the middle of a global pandemic, Jesus Christ, is this guy new?

In response, former GOP congressman/current Fox News idiot Jason Chaffetz was just asking questions:

JASON CHAFFETZ (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Yeah, I think it's fair to ask some of these questions. I would love to see statistics, for instance, on how full our hospitals really are. I mean, I see these passionate — you know, these people coming out of caring for these people, and it's hard to watch and I believe them from their heart — but I would love to know what those real numbers are.

Yeah, like, maybe the hospitals are completely devoid of people! Somebody should call the hospitals and find out!

And then Sara Carter, the LOL-stupid Fox News conspiracy theorist idiot Sean Hannity thinks is like the best journalist ever, tripped over her own feet and tried to turn it into a little dance like she meant to do that:

SARA CARTER (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, absolutely. As journalists, even as regular citizens, we have the right to ask questions. We have the right to understand what's happening here. And unfortunately, that's not happening. You can see it on Twitter, Steve. People are saying, "Film your hospital," people are driving by their hospitals and they're not seeing — in the ones that I'm seeing — they're not seeing anybody in the parking lots. They're not seeing anybody drive up. So, people are wondering what's going inside the hospital. How many people are actually in the hospitals that are suffering from coronavirus, how many ventilators, are the ICUs really being filled, how full are they, what's happening in my home town?

Emphasis ours, because SHE SAW ON TWITTER THAT NOBODY IS IN THE HOSPITAL. And you people say she's not the bestest journalist ever, how could you possibly?

Oh look, editrix Rebecca is inserting her own tweet in here, for a change.

At the end of the clip, Steve Hilton complimented his very smart panel for being very smart, saying "great points all around," because of how so many people had just made great points.

So this is awesome. Fox News is just wondering if there even is a hospital shortage, because maybe the liberals are lying. Meanwhile, Donald Trump's new thing is accusing hospital workers of lying about the unavailability of masks, because they're hoarding them to sell them on the black market. Hey, maybe the hospitals are empty because all the hospital workers are busy setting up Etsy hospital mask shops, EVER STOP TO THINK OF THAT?

OK Fine, Wonkette, Tell Us Where Fox News Got This.

Happy to oblige!

Luckily, as with coronavirus, it's possible to contact-trace Fox News conspiracy theories to see where they come from. Peter Montgomery reports at Right Wing Watch that a big part of it is this ginormous fucking idiot DeAnna Lorraine, a wingnut who tried to run against Nancy Pelosi in the 2018 midterms, but now she's doing this:

Pfffffft, "war zones." Nobody tried to shoot a gun at DeAnna Lorraine when she drove around in front of the hospital!

And wouldn't you know it, but some wingnuts heeded her call, and took video of hospital parking lots that don't look like climactic scenes from Armageddon, which just proves that the Deep State Media is doing a #hoax, clearly. (Right Wing Watch notes that because of the nature of coronavirus, people can't have visitors, which could be part of why there isn't that much traffic in and out.)

Like alleged pee enthusiast Todd Starnes, who went looking for a hospital war in Brooklyn, but didn't find one, maybe because nobody wanted to be filmed by the guy drinking a glass of iced pee, allegedly:

Lorraine, who describes herself on Twitter as "conservative Sicilian spitfire," and whom Alex Jones has described as "so smart, she's bubbly, she's on fire," has had more brain thoughts on Twitter today:

Quite a few, thanks for asking.

"Carol" had an answer for DeAnna Lorraine, and it was so good Lorraine retweeted it:

That's what we call an expert source, ladies and gents!

The rest of Lorraine's tweets this morning are about how the FDA is a "scam" because it won't approve Donald Trump's Malaria Boner Pills to treat the corona. (They actually did, today, saying the possible benefits outweigh the risks, while also noting that the efficacy of the malaria drug hasn't remotely been proven. So there you go.)

Also there is this sincere thank you to doctors, because come on, DeAnna Lorraine isn't BATSHIT or anything:

Anyway, this stable genius has been communicating with fellow stable genius Sara Carter, and now they're talking about it on Fox News with Steve Hilton. By the way, Hilton is the same guy who fed Trump his ALL-CAPS TWEET about THE CURE IS WORSE THAN THE DISEASE!11!!! that led to Trump's week-long campaign to open America back up by Easter so the real and good people of the heartland who voted for him can get back to work (and probably get coronavirus and maybe die, proving yet again that Donald Trump's brain cannot think beyond five minutes from now).

And a Fox News panel led by that guy is now saying maybe the hospitals are empty, because who's to say they aren't? Neat.

Look, part of the reason Fox News works is that its average viewer is 86 and afraid to go into the big city, lest they accidentally take a wrong turn out of the Olive Garden parking lot and end up in the black-on-black-violence neighborhood. The reason Trump and Fox News can feed them lies about what is happening, say, at the border (HORDES OF CARAVANS, AIYEEEEE!11!1! BUIDL TEH WALL!11!), is because they are not going to go to there.

So when deranged conspiracy theorists post videos of hospital parking lots with captions that say READ TEH TRANSDRIPT!, those Fox News viewers are more than likely just going to take it at face value. They're pretty dumb.

In summary and in conclusion, here is a video of the New York skyline the other night punctuated by the sounds of millions of ambulances, tweeted by an actual public health expert:

Of course she probably only tweeted that because George Soros sent her a million dollars and a copy his favorite night-time CD "deafening ambulance sleep sounds" to use as the soundtrack for her video.

Could happen, you don't know.

You also don't know if this is your OPEN THREAD, but we assure you that it is. OR IS IT?

[Media Matters]

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