Some of our favorite people to follow on Twitter are the wonderful folks who watch Fox News every night and tweet screenshots and videos, so that we never ever EVER have to watch it. (They all work for Media Matters, so presumably they are being forced to do this by David Brock.)

We had a feeling after Pete Buttigieg did that Fox News town hall, and after we watched the MENSA trust at "Fox & Friends" just lose it all morning about Buttigieg's open criticism of Fox News on Fox News, that the evening hosts would really deliver on Monday night, and boy was our feeling correct.

Let's go to the tape, provided by Media Matters deputy director of rapid response Andrew Lawrence.

We begin with Tucker Carlson saying that Pete Buttigieg saying he trusts women to make the correct decisions for their own bodies actually means Buttigieg is a "slippery demagogue" who loves 'bortions "all the way up to the moment of birth." (Is that what he said? Not even close.) Then Carlson introduces his guest, Alveda King, the abortion-obsessed member of the King family the King family would like to forget.

OK, Tucker, that was pretty good, but we have a feeling you're just warming up. Do another one!

Lame, Tucker, lame.

You'd think Tucker could at least say some more weird things about Democrats wanting to slurp up Pete Buttigieg's gay soup, or maybe freak out and shriek that if he ever saw Pete Buttigieg in the bathroom, he would immediately assume Pete Buttigieg was hitting on him, and he'd teach that Pete Buttigieg a lesson!

Let's move on from Tucker Carlson, because boring.

Lawrence shared this screengrab from Hannity, with a REAL criticism of Pete Buttigieg, you know, like REAL journalists give:

Oh golly, it's almost like he's running for president or something. That is almost as biting as when Donald Trump said Joe Biden "abandoned" Pennsylvania, when Joe Biden's dad made the whole family move away when Joe Biden was 11.

But maybe Hannity's heart wasn't totally in it either. A different Media Matters guy notes that Hannity had other VERY IMPORTANT BSNS to attend to on last night's broadcast:

Yikes, OK.

It seems to have been Laura Ingraham, one of the anchors Buttigieg personally criticized for being one of Hell's most obnoxious ass stains, who really got up in Pete Buttigieg's soup and started thrashing around wildly.

Just ... just ... just look at this shit. (Screengrabs captured by Andrew Lawrence):

If you are a Laura Ingraham staffer in the graphics department who got held down and denied Freedom Kibbles last night until you came up with TWO (2) hilarious puns involving Pete Buttigieg's name (which is admittedly very hard to make fun of), please email Wonkette at your earliest convenience, and we will let you tell your harrowing tale.

But yeah, Ingraham apparently really went for it. She put Buttigieg in a pope hat because she is now calling him "Pope Pete," huffing and puffing that just because Pete Buttigieg goes to church doesn't mean he's the "be-all and end-all moral authority" on who is a good person and who says Trump's baby jails at the border are just like fun summer camps (Laura Ingraham).

At one point in the broadcast, Ingraham said Buttigieg was "giving aid and comfort to, kind of, the modern-day Taliban," which is definitely a normal reaction to Buttigieg saying maybe Democrats should rename their long-running Jefferson-Jackson dinners. You know, especially because Andrew Jackson was a genocidal fucking maniac. To Ingraham's credit, she did play Buttigieg's actual quote from the Hugh Hewitt show, where he said he wasn't advocating "blotting [those guys] out of the history books." She then immediately accused Buttigieg of blotting those guys out of the history books with his mean gay hands, as if her viewers' wouldn't remember what she said 30 seconds before, or notice how full of shit she was right then. (Probably a good bet, considering the quality of American who watches Laura Ingraham by choice.)

So that is just super normal.

Wanna watch a whole compilation of Fox News losing its shit about Pete Buttigieg? Mediaite has one. It also has a dumbfuck pity hire writer who thought the Fox News hosts having their little conniptions about Buttigieg made the Fox News hosts look good. The Mediaite idiot said they "destroyed" Pete! You betcha!

As for the rest of you, this is the last post of the day, although Five Dollar Feminist might still be at it who even can know, so do whatever you do with your open threads or whatever.

[Andrew Lawrence / Jason Campbell]

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