Fox News Idiots So Mad Trump Not Getting Credit For Coronavirus Vaccine He Didn't Create

You know how Democrats are just going to stop talking about coronavirus now that the election is over? That's what Donald Trump always said, because coronavirus was just a hoax to tank his re-election prospects and because everything is about him. President No Mask had the virus and is now "immune," so obviously this whole thing is over, right? That's why nobody is even reporting that Mark Meadows and Dr. Ben Carson and God only knows who else got covid after attending the White House superspreader election night party


Pfizer announced it has a COVID-19 vaccine it says is more than 90 percent effective, at least so far. This is great news, if the safety and efficacy of the vaccine pan out. And yet, it's sparked a tidal wave of BELLYACHING from Trumpland, because Pfizer didn't even take this opportunity to lick Trump's balls and thank him for being such a great Dear Leader. Mike Pence is taking credit for it, White House comms liar Alyssa Farah is doing a victory lap, and the whining at Fox News has gone up to eleven.

Here's Fox Business idiot Charles Payne speaking to "Fox & Friends" idiot Ainsley Earhardt about how NO FAIR:

EARHARDT: Are you finding the timing curious? We had an election a week ago.

PAYNE: I am finding the timing curious. It's frustrating. You know, it's so interesting. I was watching -- toggling around TV yesterday, watching a couple games and whatever, and I saw a commercial for 60 Minutes and they said "we're going to go to the military's Operation Warp Speed." The military's? They're actually operating it, in fact, at the behest of President Trump. And then there's an article this morning before this came out that was, the shifting sort-of Operation Warp Speed to Biden now. The Washington Post: Biden advisers met with sharp -- with the Warp Speed drugmakers before the election. But what I thought was intriguing is on the Biden website, it says "Operation Warp Speed lacks a strategy to see its mission through and gain the trust of Americans." Well, I wonder what they're going to say today? Are they going to tell people not to take this vaccine that Pfizer is saying 90% effective? Are they going to say wait? I mean this is absolutely remarkable stuff. Credit where credit is due; President Trump, he really did push hard on this. Who knows, if it came a week earlier it might have changed the outcome, but it is great news for all Americans.

Uh huh yes, well, one reason why people aren't really giving Trump credit for this is that Pfizer didn't actually take federal money under Operation Warp Speed, though it did ink a $2 billion deal with the Trump Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to distribute a vaccine, assuming one worked. But developing this vaccine? That's Pfizer. And you can argue that Pfizer might not have used its own piggy bank for the development of the vaccine if it didn't have that $2 billion deal with HHS, and that could be valid.

But LOL please.

Donald Trump did not do shit. Some people at HHS inked a deal with Pfizer, but if you believe Trump somehow made that happen, you are a goddamned idiot.

Allow Dr. Kathrin Jansen, Pfizer senior VP in charge of making vaccines, to explain:

Dr. Jansen sought to distance the company from Operation Warp Speed and presidential politics, noting that the company — unlike the other vaccine front-runners — did not take any federal money to help pay for research and development.

"We were never part of the Warp Speed," she said. "We have never taken any money from the U.S. government, or from anyone."

Got it? They were not part of Trump's Warp Speed thingie. Also she says she didn't find out about the vaccine's trials were going until Sunday afternoon, well over 24 hours after the media stole the election from Donald Trump, by doing math and reporting on vote counts. So that's the curious "timing" Charles Payne is whining about.

Fox News idiot David Asman just nailed his reporting and analysis in this tweet, except for how none of the details were right:

Yeah, no. Again, Trump didn't do this, and Biden's win wasn't "razor thin," but rather more like "four and a half million votes and counting." Indeed, Biden is on track to end up with 306 Electoral College votes, which, as Donald Trump has told us VERY MANY TIMES, is a landslide feat that is literally impossible to achieve for mere mortals.

Because Wonkette is very fair, we did want to make sure you knew the part about Pfizer doing a deal with Trump's HHS for distribution of the vaccine, if it proved effective. But pat Trump on the back? After his constant lying and gaslighting about the virus? After his refusal to wear a mask or encourage mask use? After all one million of his bullshit conspiracy theories about coronavirus? After DRINK BLEACH? After we found out that he knew very well how bad coronavirus was back in February and admitted to Bob Woodward that he was lying about it? After 237,000 Americans and rising have died on his watch, because of his malevolent incompetence?

Fuck you.

In other news, incoming President Joe Biden named his coronavirus task force today. It includes real scientists, because of course it does, including Rick Bright, the vaccine chief from HHS who got fired because he refused to promote Trump's snake oil Hydroxybonercream 3000 corona cure.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel.

[New York Times]

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