Happy Friday from Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Fox News judge who continues to mystify us by brushing up against reality, which he seems to be doing with some regularity lately!

I have known President Trump personally since 1986. The private Trump I have known is funny, charming and embracing. That is not the public Trump of today. When he loudly called for four members of Congress – women of color who oppose nearly all his initiatives and who have questioned his fitness for office – to go back to the places from which they came, he unleashed a torrent of hatred.

Yes, Judge, that is correct, tell us more about President Pig Racist!

Napolitano's piece doesn't start there, but rather with his memories of the Vietnam war era and the hatred and mistrust that existed on both sides during that evil, useless war. Then he gets to the paragraph we posted just above, after which he tells the history of the the evil racist trope of telling black people who were born here to "Go back to Africa," and notes that similar things were said to his own Italian ancestors. He calls every bit of this un-American, indeed anti-American.

And this was published on the Fox News website. Good thing Donald Trump isn't the best reader, and moreover doesn't know how to do computers!

Napolitano affirms that in America, even hate speech is constitutionally protected. However.

[W]hen the hate speech comes from a shameless president, we have a problem.

SHAMELESS. He just called Trump SHAMELESS.

We're tempted to make a joke about Marco Rubio writing a retort to Napolitano's piece called "WHAT ABOUT HATRED AGAINST WHITE MEN?" but ... oh, guess we just did make a joke about that. Darnit. Fuck Marco Rubio.

Oh well, we will just copy/paste the end of Napolitano's op-ed, because it is so very rare that we can copy/paste something from Fox News because we agree with it:

Hatred is so volatile and destructive that, once unleashed, it takes on a life of its own. It is cover for our deepest and darkest instincts. And it is a cousin to violence, as those Louisiana and Manhattan cops know.

It also captivates our attention. Could that be the president's wish – that we think about hatred of his targets rather than the testimony of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who spent two years investigating the president and testified before two House committees Wednesday?

This business of the hatred of people is so dangerous because to some, as Lord Byron wrote, hatred is perversely pleasing. It gives them shelter in a mob, it lets them hurl venom with anonymity, and it regenerates itself. It must be rejected loudly in all its forms – especially when it comes from the president.

Well said, sir.

To be clear, Napolitano does not directly call Trump "racist." He just sort of infuses that sentiment throughout his piece.

We know there are Republicans in Congress who might more or less agree with Napolitano, but they're too chickenshit to say so, because they don't love America enough to put country above their re-election prospects. (We know this because disaffected Republicans say on TV all the fucking time that in private, people agree with them.) It might be a good time for those chickenshits to get the fuck over it, if Fox News is publishing stuff like this in its opinion section.

As for President White Power, if he hears about this op-ed, he's gonna be so upset, because hasn't Fox News victimized him enough today already?

Uh huh.


The end.

[Fox News]

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