OK, we know we know we know we know we know. We are always like "FOX NEWS JUDGE SAYS IMPEACH!" and then you click it thinking maybe it is going to be some new Fox News character who has seen the light and is now willing to admit that Donald Trump is a gigantic criminal from the depths of hell, and then you are disappointed that it's just that one dude again, Judge Andrew Napolitano, the guy with the hair, who quite frankly has been saying Trump is a gigantic criminal from the depths of hell who needs to be impeached and removed for a number of months now.

But still! He is still employed on The Fox! They have not sent him off to a farm to frolic and play all day with Shep Smith! They give him American pesos to sit there on The Fox and say Trump is a gigantic criminal from the depths of hell who needs to be impeached and removed. Therefore we think it is important.

And this time, Judge Napolitano is saying that actually, maybe the Democrats should impeach Donald Trump a whole bunch more times, because new evidence keeps coming out that Trump is even more of a criminal. Specifically, he's referring to those unredacted emails Just Security obtained last week, which show that not only was Trump personally holding Ukraine's aid money up inside his grundle, illegally and improperly, but literally everybody in his administration charged with handling that money knew it.

Mediaite's video sucks is unembeddable, so here is the video from some rando YouTube page, THANKS, RANDO YOUTUBE PAGE:

Napolitano Says He'd Re-Open Impeachment Based on New Evidence: Could Add 'New Articles'

Mediaite has the big quote from Napolitano on The Fox this morning:

"If I were a Democrat in the House, I would be moving to re-open the impeachment on the basis of the newly-acquired evidence, these new emails of people getting instructions directly from the president to hold up on the sending of the funds. That would justify holding onto the articles of impeachment, because there's new evidence and perhaps new articles," Napolitano told anchor Bill Hemmer on America's Newsroom Monday morning.

House Democrats didsuggest back around Christmas that their investigation is ongoing and that they might have to draw up some new articles of impeachment before this is all over.

Napolitano also had some things to say about how blah blah, he understands Lindsey Graham's frustration, blah blah, Senate shouldn't do anything about the impeachment until Nancy Pelosi decides to GIVE IT, blah blah blah. And he said that yes, the Senate can totally change its rules, just like Lindsey Graham said, and decide to pre-emptively throw the impeachment in the trash if they want, without even receiving the articles from the House. (He did not, however, mention the part Wonkette mentioned about how difficult it would be for Mitch McConnell to get the votes to do such a thing.)

But the important thing in there is that the FOX NEWS JUDGE GUY is saying on THE FOX that because of the new evidence that's coming out, Trump should get impeached all over again, maybe double- or triple-impeached with whipped cream and secret Big Mac sauce on top.

We feel like we should amplify that whenever it happens.

In case you are worried Fox News might be illegally converting to the liberal agenda, here is another Fox News video from today, about the other biggest story of the week, Trump's reckless dumbass killing of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani. Watch as the World's Smartest Dan Bongino protests with a straight face -- or whatever adjective more precisely describes Dan Bongino's face -- that when Barack Obama murdered Osama bin Laden, nobody got big mad at him and asked if he had "dangerously escalate[d] the situation" or if Osama bin Laden was an "imminent threat," the way they are with Trump's latest dumbfucking move.

Reminder before you watch, in case you are Dan Bongino and have forgotten literally everything: Osama bin Laden did 9/11. That's why Barack Obama murdered him with one hand while he was making jerk-off motions at Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner with the other.

The point of this post is let's impeach Donald Trump some more and Dan Bongino is a fucking moron some more, the end.

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