Fox News Lady Idiots Sick Of Being Tyrannied By Minorities All The Time
If it is a day, you can be certain that there is a really stupid discussion happening on the Fox News network. Sometimes it is about Sharks Is Confusing, sometimes it's about how it's NO FAIR that some people get to say the N-word and others don't. This time it happened on the "Outnumbered" program, and revolved around this story, of a redneck Missouri sheriff who just can't understand why anybody would be offended by him sticking "In God We Trust" decals all over police cars, or how that's kind of a separation of church and state issue.

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Cohost Julie Roginsky says that, yes, she believes in God, so please, kind, loving wingnut Christians who watch Fox News, don't send her hate mail, but she really doesn't think the motto should be on our money or our police cars or our TruckNutz (at least not government-issue ones). She explains that, even though it's technically legal, she disagrees because our Constitution is supposed to protect the rights of the minority. And how do you think cohosts Andrea Tantaros and Ainsley "If they named a hurricane after me, it would be a real dumb hurricane" Earhardt, feel about this? In short: WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE MAJORITIES?

Ask a completely non sequitur of a question with a confused look on your face, Tantaros:

How do you think they purchased the cruisers? With Monopoly money? ... No, it says 'In God We Trust' on the dollars that were used to buy the cars!

Good point, Andrea? She truly is the Derek Zoolander of television "journalism."

Ainsley Earhardt, be more stupider than Confused Face above:

“What about the majority?” Earhardt exclaimed. “I’m so tired of protecting the minority. What about the rest of the country — 77 percent!”

Yeah man, it's so fuckin' NO FUN always worrying about whether we're running roughshod over other people's rights, why can't we all just keep things the way they've always been?

Anyway, Tantaros agrees, and we can tell she agrees because she uses one of those Edward Murrow-type phrases to signal her journalistic approval:

“Yes, girl! The tyranny of the minority!”

YES GIRL! The tyranny of the minority is a thing that totally exists, because minorities run everything now, according to the syphilis that seems to be unexpectedly wreaking havoc on the brains of most Republican "thinkers" these days.

But it's no matter, because Andrea Tantaros wins the argument and the internet and probably the lottery, by pointing out that as long as atheists don't get arrested, it'll be all okay because they won't have to see the "In God We Trust" decals on police cars, guess it'll just be a nice thing for all the Christian crimers and cops to share with each other during police arrest-y time. This is the face Tantaros made when she "won the argument":

The end.


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