Fox News Legal Analyst Worries Deep State Stoled His Wifi

You may know Gregg Jarrett as the Fox News legal analyst who explained for viewers of the Sean Hannity Deep State Paranoia Hour that collusion is not a crime (which, yeah, there's no crime named that) and Robert Mueller was a criminal who was himself breaking the law right and left by investigating Donald Trump. More recently, he (or his blog's "staff") helped stoke a bullshit story about the dangers of "voter fraud" with a story about a Trump supporter who voted twice to see if voter fraud was as prevalent as Trump and Fox News always say it is. The Trump supporter was busted, just like he should have been, so a "you tried" badge all around.

Today, Jarrett raised some eyebrows on the Twitters with a series of tweets calling attention to a very strange, inexplicable phenomenon that was "odd, if not curious":

We have to agree that's decidedly weird: His WiFi has never gone out before? We call bullshit, shenanigans, foot fault, and roughage. No internet provider is that good.

To his credit, Jarrett did chalk it up to coincidence, "probably," but the fact that he found it worth tweeting about is, as many people replied, kind of weird. Then he had to go and keep tweeting:

Maybe he genuinely thinks some sorcery or deep state jamming (on electric bass and theremin) is at work. Maybe he's just taking a mundane service glitch and playing around on a Friday. Who knows? In any case, his piece at Fox News got posted, and he hasn't returned to the mystery, so we'll see if any more goofy maybe-conspiracy speculation is forthcoming.

But we're also a little concerned, since former HHS spokesman Michael Caputo started off with weird conspiratorial musings on social media and, after announcing he was taking a leave of absence, was diagnosed with head and neck cancer, Jesus Christ. We sincerely wish Mr. Jarrett the best of health, and hope this is all just perfectly normal Fox News paranoia, not something more serious.

And if he is in perfectly good health, we look forward to calling him a healthy but delusional weirdo.

What a week! You've earned this OPEN THREAD.

Update: What a bunch of Twitter meanies in Jarrett's tweet on his big Hunter Biden story!

[Gregg Jarrett on Twitter / Media Matters]

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