Fox News Loves Chortling About Witty Halloween Costumes


  • There's the Hollywood Harvey Milk that we all know and love, but then there's the real Harvey Milk, the Harvey Milk who was an asshole and a fraud and it's just mind-boggling that a jerk like Harvey Milk would get his own Harvey Milk State Holiday. [The Corner]

  • An illegal alien costume, with a UFO mask and an orange jumpsuit and an expired green card! For Halloween! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Fox News. Always chipper. [Think Progress]

  • Fast-forward to 3:15. Yes, that old man is wearing a baseball cap that says "Possum - the other dark meat." And yes, he is also "rapping." [Breitbart]

  • Helen Thomas = a birther. [Weekly Standard]

  • Interracial marriage? David Vitter does not feel comfortable commenting on such things. However, he would be more than willing to discuss his health and the weather. [TPM]


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