Fox News Mostly Ignored Capitol Ceremony For Slain Officer, Guess His Blue Life Didn't Matter

Tuesday night, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick's remains were brought to lie in honor in the Capitol Rotunda, only the fifth time in US history that's ever happened. (Private citizens lie "in honor," whereas government or military officials lie "in state." Two of the others were for slain Capitol Police in the 1990s. The other two were Rosa Parks and Billy Graham.) Sicknick was murdered in the domestic terrorist attack on January 6 by domestic terrorists intent on overthrowing democracy and assassinating members of Congress and then-Vice President Mike Pence. Sicknick will be buried at Arlington.

Last night's event was mostly for Sicknick's family, and for Capitol Police. Lawmakers will pay their respects today. But if you had the cable news on last night, there was a moment around three-quarter-way through Maddow where she announced that President Joe Biden's motorcade had left the White House. They hadn't announced that Biden was coming to pay his respects, but damn if he and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden didn't get in the car after 9 p.m. on a school night to do that.

It was quite a moment, one for your "It's weird to have a normal president again" file. Seriously, can you imagine the office's former occupant waddling out of his Twitter chamber at that time of night to go to the Capitol and keep his hands to himself and not talk out of turn while paying his respects? Well first of all you can't because he doesn't have a Twitter chamber anymore. Second of all, he's going on trial in the Senate for inciting the terrorist attack where Sicknick was murdered.

Third of all, fuck it, tired of talking about him. Watch the nice video of the real president and first lady:

We mentioned that you probably saw this if you were watching the cable news last night, and that's because the networks were covering it. Often they just quietly watched the solemn proceedings.

But not Fox News, hoo boy, not Fox News. We guess this one particular Blue Life doesn't Matter to them very much, since he died protecting the peaceful transfer of power from the domestic terrorist attack inspired by Trump's Big Lie about the election, a bullshit lie Fox News has been happy to air over and over and over. At best, it would create cognitive dissonance inside Fox News viewers' delicate brains, since Tucker and Laura have been teaching them night after night that their real sympathies should lie with the domestic terrorists.

Media Matters put together a post on all the things Fox News did cover while that was happening, while noting that Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham "briefly" cut to the Capitol here and there, and also noting that Laura Ingraham interviewed Dinesh D'Souza during that time. This is important because D'Souza D'tweeted this during the terrorist attack, which seemed to suggest he supported what was going on:

Tweet: "Now when the rules and customs of war are departe

So that's gross. Oh look, here he is!

Of course, Laura Ingraham used to have intercourse with Dinesh D'Souza on purpose and not as a double dare or to lift a curse, so maybe she just likes having him around during solemn occasions such as Officer Sicknick lying in honor in the Capitol Rotunda.

Media Matters collected more screengrabs of last night's coverage, like this one of Sean Hannity talking to a very unnaturally large giant huge head (left) and Ric Grenell (middle), the internet troll who served as Trump's loathed ambassador to Germany and as Trump's loathed (acting) director of national intelligence. Grenell desperately wishes he was known as America's first openly gay Cabinet member, but we prefer Cabinet members who are confirmed by the Senate — i.e. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg — therefore Ric Grenell doesn't count.

Here is Sean Hannity talking about some lady being cancel cultured from a Lakers game or something, who even knows.

And here's Laura Ingraham scaremongering her viewers about the DEPARTMENT OF DEEP STATE, because that is totally a thing Fox News viewers should lose control of their bowels over.

Point is, Fox News was covering the important stuff.

And they didn't really cover Brian Sicknick, the cop who died when Donald Trump's terrorists murdered him at the Capitol, lying in honor at the Capitol.

Guess it just doesn't hit their target demographic in the feels.

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