Fox News: Obama Could Lower Gas Prices Now If He Wanted, Unlike Bush


George W. Bush wasn't doing much of anything in 2008, having pretty much checked himself out of "administrative duties" sometime in late 2006. One of the things Bush was definitely not doing as he rode out his term was bringing down the cost of gas! And the Fox News of 2008 rushed to defend his inaction, calmly reassuring their as-yet unhinged pre-Tea Party audience that, duh, obviously the president just can't up and lower gas prices, ONLY THE INVISIBLE HAND CAN. But what would happen if you swapped out "Bush" for "Obama"? Would it shock you to learn that everything at Fox would go all topsy-turvy?

In this upside-down world, the Constitution was immediately scrapped and rewritten upon the ascension of Barack Hussein Obama, such that His Highness now has the sole ability to dictate gas prices, in whichever way he chooses. THE END! [Media Matters]


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