Fox News: President Obama Again Proves He's Out Of Touch By Stating Facts, Being Black

Important Fox News alert: President Obama is the worst! Again! What did he do this time? The usual: He opened his mouth, during an interview on NPR, and let words spill forth, and you know how he does that just to make all those Fox butts break out in a rash. According to host Steve Doocy and Fox "legal analyst" Peter Johnson Jr., the president really stepped in it this time, some more. Show us your sore butt, Mr. Johnson:

He was asked if he agrees with the previous statement by the Department of Justice that domestic terrorists — non-Islamic terrorists — are a greater threat to America than Islamic extremists.

To the great horror of Doocy and Johnson, the president did not dispute the DOJ's factual statement based on data instead of Fox News viewing.

"If you just look at the numbers," the president dares to blaspheme in this smoking gun video Fox plays, "then non-Islamic, non-foreign motivated terrorist actions have killed at least as many Americans on American soil as those who are promoted by jihadists."

Hell if we can understand all that professorial fancy-talkin' talk, though. Break it down for us, Steve Doocy, with some some eye-rolling and sarcasm, would you?

"So the non-Islamic terrorists are just as bad."

Ohhhh, is that what the president is saying? Well! How dare he! Even if it's true! Because truth is not the point! Wait, what's the point again, Mr. Legal Analyst Guy?

It shows that he's out of touch. It shows that when he is going to come forward with a response to a question like that, with some empirical data, to somehow prove that yeah, well, I guess it's a threat but there have been equal or greater threats, and then it fits into that meme that somehow Americans are a greater threat to other Americans than those abroad that are trying to kill us. That's wrong, and I think that's why he's been having real terrible problems with the American people for a long time.

The American people are not interested in your empirical data, Obummer. Facts are the last thing they want to hear when they're in the midst of a nationwide Islamaphobic panic. Do you even want to defeat the terrorists, Mr. Thinks He's So President? Because according to Doocy, a majority of Americans don't think so, and no wonder, what with the president refusing to pat Americans on their adorable little heads and congratulate them for their irrational hysteria. UGH!

Anything else the president said in his interview to let the American people know how little he understands them? Glad you asked. Just look at this spit in yer eye, from President High and Mighty:

Are there certain circumstances around being the first African-American president that might not have confronted a previous president? Absolutely.

Legal Analyst Guy Johnson is willing to concede, quite generously, that racism is a thing that exists. He has seen it his own self, used against other black politicians who are not Barack Obama. He is enlightened like that. But the existence of racism doesn't mean it's OK for the president to bring it up, in response to a question about racism! You're not helping The American People there, buddy, by reminding them of how you are [stage whisper] African-American.

He shouldn't resort to that. It divides America, on top of that I believe he's totally, totally wrong. He needs to understand what Americans are thinking and that's the wrong way to do it.

Look, Obama. You can be black if you insist upon it, but don't pull those desperate cheap 'n' dirty tricks of saying so. That's just going to alienate all the regular Americans who don't want to hear about your blackosity anymore than they wants to hear about your empirical data. Christ, what a divider. If only the president would stick to telling Americans what they want to hear, and stick to not being black pretty please, well, then, the twice-elected president might have better luck with the American people.

[Media Matters]


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