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[contextly_sidebar id="hctTSGJAoSTgxIi2Wfnyb5GgJLBQ9PEV"]You know that Cards Against Humanity card that says "Pooping back and forth forever?" It's from a movie, but it might as well be about Fox News and other assorted wingnut pundits. We saw it this week on Fox when wingnut lesbian Tammy Bruce suggested Obama doesn't really want his nominee Merrick Garland to be on the Supreme Court, but rather, the president just wants to ruin the dude's life in order to stick it to the Republicans. Meghan McCain received Tammy's poop-thought and gave it right back by asserting that this is why everybody in the United States of the whole universe hates Obama so much.

And now Fox is doing it again on (LOL surprise) the same subject, but this time (YAY) there is a GRRRR HILLARY angle. And Rush Limbaugh is involved.

Fox jibber-blabbering smegma cow Eric Bolling, do a mouth-poop:

Today President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland visited the Hill to visit with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and Patrick Leahy, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee. The Senate's Majority Leader Mitch McConnell isn't interested in meeting with Garland. He is still standing firm on that the next president should pick the Justice Scalia's replacement. Rush Limbaugh has an interesting idea on how to settle the nominee divide.

Oh goody, we get to search the secret parts of the internet for transcripts from the Rush Limbaugh program. Hopefully we won't run into any prepubescent Dominican boys or illegal Viagra prescriptions! Let's have a looky:

I've got an idea on the Supreme Court nomination.  I've got an idea, Snerdley.  I think Mitch McConnell maybe offer a deal to Obama.  "I'll give you your nominee if you'll have the DOJ indict Hillary."  (laughing)

You're thinking, "Hmm, they might do that, and we don't want the guy on the court."  Would Obama throw Hillary overboard to get his Supreme Court pick for life?  Except this is not the guy he wants.  The guy's too old.  Whatever else about this guy, he's 63. Obama's gonna put somebody, if this were something other than a sacrificial pick, if this were a legacy pick, he'd find somebody in his fifties, late forties, maybe, somebody that would be there forever.

HAHAHAHAHA Rush Limbaugh is not dead or in jail yet, but anyway #HillaryJokes.

Now the poop goes back to Fox News and the shriveled up dongbiscuit Bolling:

Yep. Rush is right. This is Obama gaming it. He knows McConnell's not going to bring this to a vote. He knew they would turn this guy down. But again playback, play politics back. Slow walk it. Do all the research. He said this guy has thousands and thousands of pages of writing. [...]

So Obama's not going to take that deal? Indict Hillary?

And for our final act, we have a Fox News windsock lady who somehow got the job even though she isn't blonde, named Kimberly Guilfoyle:

Fine, Garland, serve up Hillary.

Goddammit, these people are just too clever for us.

[contextly_sidebar id="OxsddqZ6Q9uQEheL8UfCmB1jQNL1e8wB"]Now, we hate to nitpick, but these wingnut dongwads are not actually being very clear about which of Hillary's crimes she should fry for, in exchange for Merle Boomstick getting to take his place on the Supreme Court. Is it the email about gefilte fish? Is it the email when she can't remember what time "The Good Wife" comes on TV?

[contextly_sidebar id="J35i8dhWCZM5TIXELo4u2jQd7cyriQxs"]Is it how she Benghazi-ed Benghazi so hard in its Benghazi regions, that she was reduced to a sobbing pile of "FUCK YOU MORONS" after her 11-hour testimony in front of the Benghazi committee?

Is it finally time for Hillary to pay the piper for doing Vince Foster to at least a million people, including Vince Foster?

[contextly_sidebar id="GOiX6noB7V1ls5MAA03gGLaxz9jK1Q33"]Was Hillary home THE WHOLE NIGHT doing the Lesbyterian Shuffle with Huma, whereas Rush Limbaugh may or may not have to get his dollars exchanged for Dominican pesos in order for his prolapsed dick to get wet?


Just kidding, we know which crime Hillary is guilty of, in the eyes of these syphilitic shitwhistles: being Hillary.

[Media Matters / Rush Limbaugh Show]

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