When Even Sean Hannity Is Pumping The Brakes On Your Pro-Putin Propaganda, You Are Tulsi Gabbard We Guess!

As Russia's invasion of Ukraine began last night — and to be clear, it has begun, regardless of what precise terminology different parties are using at the moment — Fox News was ready to let its viewers know what was going on in the world. That's why their longtime slogan is "Here is the news." Haha just kidding, that is not Fox News's slogan.

If you rely on Fox News for your news, we honestly have no idea what you think is going on in the world right now, but we'll hazard a guess based on last night's coverage. You might think Russia, an innocent actor, is being unfairly targeted and threatened by Ukraine, a violent autocracy that is guilty of "Hunter Biden." You might think it's ridiculous that we're spending so much time talking about a regional conflict in Europe (or wherever Ukraine is), considering how our neighbor to the north has literally overnight become the most brutal dictatorship in human history, because "trucker." It's turning into North Korea, said Lara Trump!

Here are some highlights of the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine as seen on Fox News last night.

We don't know why Tulsi Gabbard is just suddenly in front of our face every five seconds, speaking at CPAC and appearing on Fox News every time we turn around, but we guess it's timely (for the Kremlin) having her voice out there right now.

Here is Gabbard telling Sean Hannity that "Putin has made very clear all along" that this is about Russia's security. She just really needs you to know what Dear Leader Putin has been making clear all along. In response, Hannity was like OK yes but Putin also says Ukraine isn't a real country and has been saying he's going to do this for a really long freaking time. Gabbard responded, "I want to stay focused on the security component."

She wants to stay focused on the security component, Sean.

Gotta be kinda weird when you're on Fox News and even Hannity is like, "Whoa nelly with the Kremlin propaganda there, speed racer." Especially on a show where Hannity said Putin "has a very good shot of breaking up NATO" with everything going on right now. It's funny because NATO is clearly more unified than we've seen it in years.

Of course, Gabbard has been saying this kind of crap for days now, especially pushing the same lines about Ukraine not being a real democracy as Tucker Carlson has been pushing.

Speaking of Tucker!

Tucker explained to his viewers that Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, is a tyrant, in this 43-second clip where he also called Vladimir Putin a tyrant, and Democratic Rep. David Cicilline a "repulsive man." The theme of the clip is that Tucker wants to interview all three of them, even if they are tyrants and repulsive men.

And here is some more of what Tucker chirped about Ukraine last night, surprise, it's the same shit as usual:

Ukraine is not even a democracy, despite what Joe Biden endlessly claims! Ukraine is a corrupt, Eastern European autocracy that has spent millions of dollars lobbying politicians in Washington and by the way made Joe Biden's family rich.

This is incorrect. Ukraine is a democracy, albeit a struggling one, and the notion that Ukraine made Joe Biden's family rich is a rightwing conspiracy theory lie. But whatever, blah blah Hunter Biden.

We don't know what else Tucker said last night, but he didn't spend the whole hour on Russia and Ukraine, as Night Time was The White Time for him to also interview Kyle Rittenhouse and Madison Cawthorn.

He also had to do this breaking news alert about how Canada is officially TYRANNY because the House of Commons had voted to "extend Justin Trudeau's dictatorial powers in the country."

That's right. That's the news. Fox News alert! Here is the news!

Things were similar over on Laura Ingraham's Hour Of Scoffing, apparently.

She was in the middle of talking about the Russian invasion of provinces Putin "claims now are independent," but soon pivoted to "Canada continues its descent into tyranny." That's way more pressing, obviously.


Hey you guys remember how last week Fox News was just balls-to-the-wall with coverage of Hillary Clinton bugging Trump Tower with her emails? Where'd all that go!

Oh well, new week, new complete lies.

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