Fox News's Neil Cavuto Comes Back From COVID To Viewers Wishing Him Dead

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Fox News's Neil Cavuto Comes Back From COVID To Viewers Wishing Him Dead

Here's a deranged Fox News video for you.

Fox host Neil Cavuto is immunocompromised and has MS. He's a cancer survivor. He's been trying and trying and trying to get Fox viewers to get their damn COVID vaccines, after he got a breakthrough case. About getting COVID, he said, "Had I not been vaccinated, and with all my medical issues, this would be a far more dire situation." He doesn't want his viewers to die, for some reason.

And now he's back on the TV, and they played some of the viewer messages people left for him while he was away. Cavuto does this sometimes, with the viewer comments and the hate mail. Fox News watchers, of course, are as charming as they are literate. And because in this case it was Fox News watchers dealing with an immunocompromised person who is vaccinated, the messages ranged from their usual weird wingnut "jokes" to downright deranged. Oh yeah and a couple death threats. Totally normal.

Cavuto did note, still broadcasting from home, that some of the messages he got were nice, and they played a few nice ones, but ...

DION BAIA (PRODUCER): Our first email comes from John in New Orleans who says "heard you're back on the show this week. That's too bad." So uh, that's not very nice but I figured we'd kick it, start it off with a kicker.

CAVUTO: That seems a little mean.

BAIA: Yeah, I know I'm sorry but it wasn't from me.

Haw haw, too bad you're back!

And then there's T.J., who just wishes Cavuto would kill himself.

BAIA: We've got T.J. who also emails. "It's clear you've lost some weight with all this stuff," one person wrote in an email. "Good for you. But I'm not happy with less of you. I want none of you. I want you gone. Dead. Caput. Fini. Get it? Now, take your two-bit advice, deep-six it and you!"

Oh, silly Fox watchers!

What about Barbara? Barbara's probably one of the nice ones:

BAIA: We have another one from Barbara via Yahoo. "I admire your strength through so much adversity. But let me give you some advice shut up and enjoy the fact that you're not dead. For now."

Shut up and enjoy not being dead for now, said Barbara, who is probably somebody's mother.

So those two could definitely be construed as death threats, against the guy who pleaded with them to all get vaccinated because he doesn't want them to die, and because he had contracted a virus that, if he weren't vaccinated, likely would have killed him because of his health conditions.

Then there was Vince. Bless Vince's heart.

tweet: "Hey guys I bought a new car after being told it was the best Then it blew up after I left the car lot So now I'm begging everyone to please buy the same car Sorry I'm just pretending to be Neil Cavuto"

Ladies and gentlemen, Vince!

They only get smarter from there. Like the brain stallion who said, "Cavuto is the Tigger of talking heads: a head full of fluff, just not cool like Tigger." Or the one who said, "When the asses gather, they call Cavuto boss..."

What a job it must be, to work at Fox News as a marginally sane person. Just to be on the receiving end of the dripping dregs of humanity at all times.

We just hope Cavuto's team has forwarded all the important messages to the FBI, where they belong.

[Media Matters]

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