Fox News Calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Dirtiest Slur It Knows: 'Fair'

Fox News continues its cavalcade of freakouts over the fact that Americans really are not all that hot lately on using the power of government to enrich their betters through a tax code designed to make the rich richer. On Fox Business today, a Very Smart Economist proclaimed that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's support for the "Green New Deal" reflects her "Latin American values," which proves America is being doomed by invaders from Puerto Rico. And on Fox's "America's Newsroom," we learned another source of all this friendliness to un-American socialism: The schools have poisoned an entire generation's minds with notions of "fairness."

Here are co-hosts Sandra Smith and Bill Hemmer fretting about all this nasty nasty socialism, with the help of distinguished guest (and host of another Fox Show, because don't trust outsiders) Charles Payne.

Smith was simply disgusted by the fact that not even Fox News polls are safe spaces for the rich anymore!

There is -- what seems to be, a movement against capitalism in this country. This is a piece in Politico, just published, "Soak the rich? Americans say go for it." In this piece it talks about how recent polling is showing that the American public is increasingly on board with raising taxes on the rich. As evidence we pulled up this latest Fox News poll on the issue, whether Americans support raising taxes on the wealthy, on incomes over $10 million. Those that are in favor of that, 70 percent, Charles. Over a million dollars in income, 65 percent are in favor of raising taxes.

So why is there such support for obviously bad, socialist, bad bad bad ideas like AOC's proposed marginal tax hike or Elizabeth Warren's Eat The Rich tax? It has nothing to do with our current government by billionaires, no not at all! Payne knew exactly what the problem is: Socialist indoctrination!

The idea of fairness has been promoted in our schools for a long time. And we're starting to see kids who grew up in this notion that fairness above all and now they are becoming voting age and they are bringing this ideology with them.

Well duh, that's just obvious, and it's the same objection righties have had for decades: The Government Schools refuse to teach the "Little Red Hen" (who bakes and keeps her own bread). Schools also use the wrong version of the Ant and The Grasshopper, too -- instead of using the good, patriotic version where the frivolous grasshopper dies because it fiddled when there was work to be done, they prefer the wimpified commie version where the ant takes pity on the pest ... and is burdened with a freeloader welfare queen FOREVER.

No, instead the schools fill our kids' heads with the un-American notion that "sharing" is somehow a good thing, which is not how America works, damn it. After some rambling about how the wealthy already pay too much in taxes, Payne mourned how poorly the very wealthy are protecting themselves, but was at least encouraged that a recent corporate merger will make some people very rich, which is what's REALLY fair:

But I will say capitalism has to do a better job defending itself. I'll give you a great story though. Yesterday a company received a takeover bid, $11 billion, Ultimate Software. What I loved about it, all their employees have stock. Every one. 1,600 instant millionaires.

If only the children learned THAT in school. For starters, maybe we could figure out a way to ensure that the kids with the wealthiest parents will get the best education. You know, like, more than we already do.

[Media Matters / Media Matters]

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