Fox News So Mad Everybody Calling Their New Dumb Quack Doctors Big Dumb Quacks

Over the last week and some days, this shit video has been going viral on Facebook. It shows two Trumpy-ass urgent care rent-a-doctors from the medical hub of "Bakersfield" explaining why, according to their very real science, coronavirus is no more dangerous than a butt itch. In their viral video, on top of sharing their "research," they also say the epidemiological response to COVID-19 has not even been about science, because these guys know science real good and like such as. They would like us to please re-open society immediately so that people will come back to their urgent cares to get butt itch treatments from the doctors, Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, who are kind of like Diamond and Silk, if Diamond and Silk were also bad doctors.

But what's funny is that by the time the latest viral medical video snake oil porn sensation really started hitting Fox News, when Tucker Carlson spent half his Monday night show spreading these guys' bullshit to Uncle MAGA Breath and Aunt Grandma, all these mean actual epidemiologists, public health experts, and good doctors were already debunking the fuck out of Dr. Diamond and Dr. Silk.

YouTube removed the video, for Aggravated Public Health Risk Bullshit reasons, around the same time Tucker was yapping his mouth flap. The American College of Emergency Physicians and the American Academy of Emergency Medicine jointly called bullshit on their junk science, calling them "reckless and untested musings." And that is UNFAIR, because when Fox News is trying to plant lying dangerous Trumpy propaganda bullshit in impressionable people's minds, they are supposed to get a head start!

Of course, that hasn't stopped Fox News from featuring Dr. Spaceman and Dr. Tobias Funke all week long, while bitching and moaning about CENSORSHIP! and the mean real doctors who are calling these guys fuckin' quacks.

Will Sommer rounded a bunch of it up at the Daily Beast, and boy oh boy. Watch out, Dr. Oz, you might be finna get FURLOUGHED.

Laura Ingraham spread the bullshit on Monday night just like Tucker Carlson did, only she actually had the doctors on her show, so she could greet them as quack science heroes for speaking "inconvenient truths."

Sommer reports that Carlson came back to the boy wonder doctors of Bakersfield on Tuesday night, calling them "sober-minded medical researchers," and bitching and moaning about the YouTube deletion, with a graphic that said "SILENCED BY BIG TECH."

As Talking Points Memo reports (we ain't watchin' that shit), Tucker said of the YouTube CENSORSHIPS! that "it's likely we'll see this moment — what YouTube just did — as a turning point in the way we live in this country." Indeed, where were YOU when YouTube deleted the bad science doctor video? You'll always remember it.

While Tucker was whining about bIg tEcH cEnSoRsHiP!1!1, Chris Hayes was on MSNBC literally at the same timedebunking the Bakersfield docs' shit.

On Wednesday, Dr. Erickson went on Fox News to talk to Shannon Bream, and said he wanted to "educate YouTube about herd immunity," which is funny because we still don't know if widespread herd immunity is a thing that happens with COVID-19 in the absence of a vaccine. Dr. Erickson knows, though! How? Just does.

And of course, they talked about the CENSORSHIP! on the "Fox & Friends," featuring Brian Kilmeade, possibly the stupidest person on all of television, who mere weeks ago was creating a scientific "Kilmeade Hypothesis" about Trump's magic Hydroxycut Boner Bill cure for COVID-19, and also featuring Mike Huckabee, whose son killed that dog.

"Nonsense word salad," former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said of the YouTube statement.

"These are doctors that came up with hard numbers and stats. All they've said was 'argue with my numbers!'" Kilmeade exclaimed in response, before playing yet another clip of Dr. Erickson.

In response, every credentialed epidemiologist in the world argued with the rent-a-doctors' numbers, and called them stupid and then spread rumors about them pooping their pants in gym class.

Brian Kilmeade was so mad, y'all, it was LOL. (Click here for video, Fox News's video platform, like all its other products, is a piece of shit.)

It wasn't just Fox News, though. It's of course been super-genius Elon Musk, and also second biggest super-genius Dinesh D'Souza, who is jizzing himself about spilled beans or something:

Oh boy, beans everywhere!

Trump Nazi and also real doctor Sebastian Gorka asked the hard questions, not only about the YouTube censorship, but also Fox News firing super-geniuses Diamond and Silk:

Truly the world's brightest minds have come together in support of these two doctors, may they rest in peace after having been so brutally murdered by Big Tech (don't worry they got better).

As ALLLLLL THESE EXPERTS have explained, the Fabulous Bakersfield Boys have one gigantic flaw in their research, and it's that they only tested people at their drive-by clinics who wanted coronavirus tests and/or were currently coughing or crapping out their lungs, and then extrapolated the number of positive tests they got and assumed those percentages must be the same for their whole county. In other words, it wasn't a random sample. As the week has gone on, more doctors and epidemiologists have chimed in.

This is a really good one Sommer quoted in the Daily Beast:

Data from the clinic can't be extrapolated out for the entire county population, according to David Gorski, a Michigan surgical oncologist who writes about medical disinformation.

"They're so clueless that they don't even know what they don't know," Gorski said. "I think it's actually flattering them to call it a 'rookie mistake.'"


Y'all, we are not a scientist, or even a "medical researcher" and they aren't either TUCKER, and we do not claim to be. And we also understand that people, normal human people, are desperately looking for signs of hope right now. But when we see LITERALLY EVERY ACTUAL EXPERT start mocking and debunking "research" such as that from the Doctors Spaceman as clown science, we pay attention to that. Despite what Fox News and Trump and the GOP have been saying forever, there is no conspiracy of experts doing a Deep State to hurt Donald Trump, just like there is no secret cabal of gabillionaire researchers inventing global warming in the same lab where Al Gore invented the internet and Hillary Clinton invented the email.

Grow the fuck up, people. It's a pandemic. It's here, it's real, and ain't nobody got time for this shit.

[Daily Beast / Talking Points Memo]

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