Fox 'Person': Catholics Write Letters, Muslims Stab You With Letter Openers


Greg Gutfeld (Oh my god, Greg, what happened to you, besides too many Crunchwrap Supremes?) is a member of a strange five-person cult that appears on Fox News every day. He thinks he is funny. He used to edit men's magazines. He used to look like this (fig. 1), of a time. In 2010, during the whole Ground Zero mosque debacle, Gutfeld proposed building a gay bar for Muslims next to the mosque in "an effort to break down barriers and reduce deadly homophobia in the Islamic world." Nice try (or rather, Hmm, we must acknowledge that you spoke those words), and/but vomit and WTF. Now, Greg tried to make his cult members laugh at Monday's cult gathering by saying that the difference between Muslims and Catholics is that "Catholics write letters and Muslims stab you with letter openers."

Excellent, here is the video for this gastrointestinal accident.

It goes without saying that Gutfeld is probably the most Muslim-hating person in this country that we are forced to look at more times than we care to. So in case you were wondering who that person was, here that person is. He's attacked Keith Ellison, Representative from Minnesota, for being Muslim. He's called Muslims "people from the 6th century," and so on. His blog is called The Daily Gut, which, OK, that's at least a good and accurate name.

There is a happy ending here, and that is that a) Greg mostly but not always appears on Fox at 3AM and b) we are now at the end of this post, which is a happy thing. [MediaMatters]


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