Fox 'Psychiatrist' Keith Ablow Worries Most Popular Sporting Event On Planet Was Timed To Help Obama


Did you have a super fun time watching the USA SportingsBall team lose but not lose forever to Germany today? Well, shame on you for thinking about something other than Benghazi, you pitiful dupe! The worst psychiatrist anywhere, D. Keith Ablow, said today on Fox's OutNumbered that he's "a little suspicious about all this "World Cup" hoopla, because the timing is awfully convenient for one Barack Hussein Obama:

At a time when there’s so many national issues and international issues of such prominence, I am a little suspicious of yet another bread and circus routine. Let’s roll out the marijuana, pull back the laws and get people more crazy about yet another entertainment event. This is to distract people. This is like Rome. I can see why Obama would love the World Cup.

It sure was pretty damn sneaky of Barack Obama to arrange the World Cup to take place every four years, and to make sure that the summer's entertainment would come at the very moment when he is most politically vulnerable. The man is just devious that way.

Come on, Ablow, you aren't even trying today. At least explain how Obama arranged this fey little international futbol obsession to make up for his feelings of abandonment by his father. We expect more of you, and just because everyone's watching sportsball is no reason for you to be so lazy.

[Media Matters / Mediaite]

Doktor Zoom

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