Fox Still Hates Ron Paul, Forum Declares War on Eeyore

foxnewspaul.jpgThis graphic appeared on the Fox News website earlier today, and apparently that little spat with Ron Paul will never end. Note that he is beating 9/11 two to one in delegates, and got twice as many votes as 9/11 last night, but they chose the latter's fugly mug for their pwecious image instead. Hahahahahaa, they hate Ron Paul so very much, they do! Loooser, loooser. One more round for the kids: LOOOSER, LOOOSER.

Anyway, let's see what's going on at Ron Paul Forums today, just to research what it's like being a loser and having to lose all the time.

What ever could this fellow Patriot be talking about?




Never fear! There's a perfectly reasonable solution to the Eeyores running Diebold and/or the Wankette blog:


Ouch, the losing... the losing hurts so much. Does anyone know a good chiropractor? I think the losing is just hurting my loser back too much.

Beware Of "seeds Of Doubt" Planted By Non-ron Paul Supports [Ron Paul Forums]


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