Why Is Disney Hate-Criming Poor Ron DeSantis With Its Gay Agenda?

Why Is Disney Hate-Criming Poor Ron DeSantis With Its Gay Agenda?

The folks at Fox spent much of yesterday gasping over footage from Chris Rufo — the guy who invented his own definition of "critical race theory" and got conservatives outraged over it despite their not actually knowing what "critical race theory" even is — showing Disney employees "admitting" to gay agenda-ing all over the company. They somehow took it very seriously that an executive producer said, "Our leadership over there has been so welcoming to my not-at-all-secret gay agenda" — saying that she didn't have to feel afraid to include LGBTQ identities in her work.

Of course, because Fox hosts somehow have no idea that they are the only ones who use the term "gay agenda" in all seriousness, they simply could not believe the brashness with which the producer straight up admitted to the conspiracy.

This, of course, is all in context of Ron DeSantis signing the "Don't Say Gay" bill into law.

This thing right here: DeSantis Surrounds Himself With Happy Cis White Kids To Celebrate Bill Kicking Everyone Else

"Outnumbered" brought on Fox Nation contributor, lesbian and "ex-liberal" Tammy Bruce — who frequently describes leftwing politics the same way Christian evangelist Mike Warnke described his time as a Satanic "high priest" — to discuss the situation. Bruce explained that those opposing the bill are basically doing a Jussie Smollett to poor Ron DeSantis and accusing him of a hate crime when the bill is no such thing and is just about "parental rights."

The defense here is that the bill itself doesn't literally say gay or transgender, but rather just bans discussions of "gender identity and sexual orientation" and requires teachers to out kids to their parents, allowing parents to sue school districts if they don't. Sure, nothing homophobic or transphobic about that.


Of course, this bill is as much about "parental rights" as the Civil War was about "state's rights."

Bruce also claimed that those who support the Don't Say Gay bill are not homophobes and that the "real" homophobes are those who oppose it, because they're saying "we want children to be sexualized." (By being able to mention it if someone has two parents of the same sex, for instance, that kind of "sexualized.") She explained that she herself is a lesbian and that "everyone" in the world supports this bill, including the many gay and trans people she knows herself.

"Here's another news flash," Bruce explained, "there are no gay or straight children. And that's gonna cause a controversy, but there are just simply children. Gender is a concept that children don't even understand or can comprehend. They certainly are not thinking sexually."

It was not a very good news flash, as many of us remember having crushes as kids, as well as understanding what gender we were. It is also a news flash that only makes sense if you think that being trans is a sexual fetish or that, unlike heterosexual people who are straight from birth, gayness doesn't kick in until you are ready to have sex. It also only makes sense if you assume that every parent of school-age children is cisgender and heterosexual. In other words, it makes literally zero sense.

Bruce also claimed that the only reason the Left opposes this bill is because we love victimhood so very much that we have to invent it where it doesn't exist, like a bunch of reverse Don Quixotes. Either it is that or because we can read.

Bruce's accusation that criticism of the bill was a "hoax hate crime" and assurance to viewers that they were not homophobic or transphobic just for supporting an obviously homophobic and transphobic bill went over so well that she was brought out on Hannity on Wednesday evening.

Transcript via Media Matters:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Tammy, it's kindergarten through third grade and it gives parents the rights to instill their values in their kids. It never says "gay" in the bill, does it?

TAMMY BRUCE (GUEST): No — no it doesn't. And this is really the equivalent, Sean, of a hoax hate crime. They've described something, on the Left, that does not exist. And then they use it to amplify themselves, to gain political power, to increase victimhood, and to frighten their own base. And then the media amplifies it even more. It does not exist.

Again, no — the bill itself does not say gay. It does, however, say "sexual orientation" and "gender identity," twice, each — and that classroom discussion of either is "prohibited." Thus, that is not actually a very good argument unless they are planning to omit all references to people's heterosexual marriages, which would be pretty tough to do. Who are they going to say Martha Washington was?

If anyone is inventing their own victimization, it is the people who are trying to claim that teaching kids that gay and trans people exist is somehow sexually perverse and would "destroy their innocence." Especially those who claim it is tantamount to "grooming" children for molestation. Also playing victim are those claiming that teaching children that gay and trans people exist is a threat to their parental rights to decide what their children learn and don't learn — which they do have, but only up to a limit. They can't insist that their children be taught that the moon landing never happened or that creationism did, and they shouldn't be able to insist that their children not be taught that LGBTQ people exist so that they can properly indoctrinate them with bigotry.

This right here: Conservatives Really Doubling Down On This 'LGBTQ People Are Child-Molesting Groomers' Thing

Parents technically do have the right to raise their kids to be bigots — no one ever threw April Gaede, the mother of the Prussian Blue twins, in prison for raising her children to be neo-Nazi pop singers. However, when those girls stopped being homeschooled and went to public school, they ended up renouncing the white nationalist beliefs of their mother. The public school had no obligation to allow them to go on believing that the Holocaust never happened, regardless of what their mother believed. In fact, some might even say the school had an obligation to teach the girls that the Holocaust happened and racism is bad, both for their own sake and the sake of other children in the school.

This is the same reason why children should be taught that some people like boys, some people like girls, some people don't like anyone, some people identify with the gender they were assigned at birth and some do not. So that if they happen to be gay or trans, they know that they're normal, so that if other students are gay or trans, they know that they're normal, and so that when they grow up, they are able to hold down a job without getting fired for being a bigot.

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