Fox News Weirdly Worried About Trump Supporters' Feeeeeelings Instead Of That Cop They Killed


This week, a bunch of crazy ass Trump supporters, egged on by Trump himself, invaded Congress, beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher, and then posed for as many cutesy candids as they could manage.

On "Fox & Friends" this morning, cohost Ainsley Earhardt talked about how Trump supporters, like the ones who led that siege, are just really scared and heartbroken right now.

"There are 75 million people that voted for President Trump," Earhardt explained, "and they are scared. They are worried about what the future of this country looks like. They are confused and heartbroken that their candidate didn't win and they don't want to be forgotten."

Oh, the poor dears. Perhaps they should have gotten out of their bubbles more!

This, by the way, was meant as an introduction to a Tucker Carlson segment from last night in which he laid out some of those fears for the future. Surprise — it was pretty racist.

If America becomes a place in which you have to violate your own conscience in order to hold a job, you're not allowed to protect your family from mob violence, where your children can't afford to get married and raise your grandchildren because employers don't like their skin color, then what's the point of all of it?

It always comes down to "And then there will be no more white babies, ever again," doesn't it.

But how about this? What if these people are "scared" because they are watching Fox News and the people on Fox News are telling them that they need to be scared. That if Democrats are in power, white people won't be allowed to have jobs and that the streets will be teeming with murderous mobs.

What if they are confused because they're watching Ainsley Earhardt and she's up there, as a voice of authority, telling them — incorrectly — that the election was stolen from them and that there is tons of evidence to prove that this is true.

Here's the question that a lot of people are asking: If there is a question about the votes and if they think that it was rigged, and many people do believe that, then we need investigations, and we need to know that our votes count, that our — votes were legal, and we need to find out where the problems are so we can make sure this doesn't happen in the future because if these Democrats, if they win Georgia, people fear that from here on out, there are going to be mail-in votes, which we don't trust now because the president doesn't trust it and we all have heard these stories of people getting four ballots and two of them were dead people. And so you have to have trust and integrity in the system; it doesn't matter if you're a Republican or a Democrat, we should all want that. And with so many people questioning what's happening, an investigation — many of these Republicans just want it investigated.

None of that happened. None of it. It was all Fox, OAN, Newsmax and Trump lies. You could ask Lindsey Graham's Senate speech Wednesday night!

Or what if they're confused because Ainsley Earhardt is up there hoping that Trump will be able to forgive Mike Pence for not overthrowing the government for him so he could be president for another four years?

Of course they're confused. They're being lied to. Being lied to is confusing!

If Ainsley Earhardt and Tucker Carlson were up there telling people that everyone with green eyes is a zombie and that the only way to deal with them, the only way to protect yourself, is to shoot them in the head before they can eat your brains — and people sincerely believed them ... there might be some dead green-eyed people out there. Similarly, if you tell people it is their right to overthrow the government, if you scare them about the secret liberal communist plans to genocide all of the white people, if you tell them that the election was stolen from them? Some people are going to do some bad shit.

What is it that's supposed to happen here? Are we supposed go, "Oh, our hearts just break for these brave patriots who felt like their last option was to take members of Congress hostage with flex-cuff zip ties?" or "Who can blame them for killing a person by bashing them over the head with a fire hydrant?"

These people certainly spent a lot of time sneering "CRY MORE, LIB" after the 2016 election and didn't seem to be bothered by the fact others were horrified to find we lived in a country with people who would happily elect Donald Trump to be president. They donned their "fuck your feelings" shirts, they talked about how thrilled they were to have a president who didn't do political correctness and instead just insulted people and said very racist and sexist things all of the time. They were not expected to understand us, they were never expected to have empathy for anyone but themselves, and that was supposed to be okay for some reason. But that's over now. They lost. And fuck their feelings about it.

[Fox and Friends]

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