Fox's Most, Least Attractive Anchors Hook Up

This photoillustration proves it! - WonketteRadar reports a rumor today that is so poorly sourced, so speculative, and so hilarious that we wish we'd make it up first: Fox News' Megyn Kendall Kelly is having an affair with Brit Hume.

Radar uses straight-up INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING to trace incrimintating Wikipedia vandalism to some disgruntled former flack.

Last month, Schur, who worked with both Hume and Kendall in Fox's Washington bureau until he left the network in August, anonymously edited the gossip into Kendall's Wikipedia entry, inserting this claim: "There are many rumors that Kendall has a very 'special' relationship with managing editor Brit Hume, the reason for her plum assignments at Fox News."

It's true that -- as we mentioned yesterday -- Kendall is totally on the market now. And Hume's marriage is a bit rocky at the moment, too. This is the kind of story we need to be true for entertainment purposes but very much wish to not ever have to picture.

Also fun is Radar's use of a FishbowlDC email interview as supporting material. Kendall's personal deadly sin is, as she says, lust. We've used the same interview, in which she announces that the single person who's had the greatest influence on her career is Henry Ford, to declare that she's a Nazi.

Axed Fox Newser Behind Brit Hume Affair Rumor [Radar]


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