Fragonard is America's New Norman Rockwell

Fragonard is America's New Norman Rockwell

  • Now that Michelle Antoinette is officially Spain's hottest monarch, her husband King Obama XIV is spending all his cash on lavish Rococo pursuits like sex swings and "health care." Luckily, the Reign Of Terror is coming back soon, so it's all good. [The Telegraph]

  • Erick Erickson loves guns so much he would literally murder Bambi's mother to prove to everyone that Michael Steele is a pansy for not loving guns as much as Erick Erickson. [RedState]

  • The film The Road is basically the Green Berets of our time because it is a religious allegory about bootstrapping the apocalypse, for Jesus. [BigHollywood]

  • The UN continues its unstoppable march into our children's hearts via the malevolent "International Baccalaureate" curriculum, all for the nefarious purpose of preparing our young ones for something called "college." [WND]

  • A new film brings to light the fact that the cold war is still on, because Hugh Hefner is Stalin. [Canada Free Press]


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