Fran Townsend's Handwriting Proves That Terrorists Are Winning

i am a disgrace to this letterheadAs noted earlier, Bush's Homeland Security Adviser, Frances Townsend, stepped down today to spend more time with... well, anyone else. Although more formal documents may have been swapped, Townsend handwrote the President a personal letter (PDF) of peacing out. Her handwriting manages to disgrace the Constitution, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, the concepts of liberty/democracy/universal justice, global peace efforts and the American elementary educational system it's just that bad. Within these cryptic figures, however, she sneaks a special compliment for Bush -- of the

On the second page of this scribble, Townsend honors Bush with some coquettish words of... um... sex or something. ThinkProgress was able to take them completely out of context for amusement's sake before we did, so a hat tip to them:

In 1937, the playwright Maxwell Anderson wrote of President George Washington: There are some men who lift the age they inhabit, til all men walk on higher ground in their lifetime.

Mr. President, you are such a man. (emphasis ours)

Goddamnit Fran! If anyone reads this letter to Bush, he'll get all confident, pop a boner and nuke Canada for the fuck of it. Then what do we do, Ms. Quitter Lady Fran??

Frances Townsend's letter of resignation (PDF)

Townsend's goodbye to Bush: 'You are such a man.' [Think Progress]


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