France's Nicholas Sarkozy Is Starting A World War Of Smalls vs. Talls, In Normandy


"¡Bonjour!" Here is your bit of Foreign News, from the International country of France. France's "President" (which is like the equivalent of America's President), Nicholas Sarkozy, went to speak at some auto plant in the Detroit, Michigan region of Normandy. Sarkozy then had the French police divvy up the plant workers into groups of short people and "undesirables." The undesirables were told to stay away if they know what's good for them, while the short people were arranged about the 5'5" Sarkozy in such a way as to make him look taller by comparison. This is called a Sarkozy Complex, and it has plagued many of France's historical leaders going all the way back to Napoleon.

The Telegraph has broken down Sarkozy's psychological motivations for making the French citizenry line up from shortest to tallest:

"Pictures are then shown of the 20 workers on board a coach which brought them in from other parts of the three mile square Faurecia site.

All admitted that they were among the smallest members of the 1400-strong Faurecia workforce, and had been selected to replace the usual workers in the unit where Mr Sarkozy made his speech about the car industry.

Mr Sarkozy, who is notoriously sensitive about his height, did not want a repeat of the fiasco in June when he was caught using a footstool when delivering a speech alongside Gordon Brown and Barak [sic] Obama on one of Normandy's nearby D-Day beaches."

The French president felt small standing next to the American and British leaders on D-Day beaches. This is breaking news, in 1945.

[The Telegraph]


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