Frank Jimenez: What's a Nice Hot Guy Like You Doing in a Sex Scandal Like This?

frank_back_in_the_dayHe is not "F," but he is pretty good-spirited about the whole thing:

With mixed feelings about being catapulted to the forefront of the Washington gossip scene, please allow me to share the following facts:

1. I've never met Washingtonienne in my life.

2. I've never paid for anyone's "services" in my life.

3. I ceased active service as HUD Chief of Staff upon the departure of Secretary Mel Martinez last December. I admit to chuckling when I read your statement that I was "stuck" at HUD, but I feel compelled to describe my experience a little more accurately. It was an honor to serve the President and the Secretary alongside the many wonderful people at HUD. I'm equally honored to serve in my present position as Principal Deputy General Counsel for the Department of the Navy.

4. After friends directed my attention to your column and to the Washington Post piece last week, describing Washingtonienne's adventures with her married friend, I can honestly say that I've never been happier to be single in my entire life. I would also add that (1) I have taken better pictures in my life, and (2) although I'm not too "lonely," as you state, my quest continues for a really nice woman looking for a really nice guy who doesn't have to pay for companionship.

My best to you and your (obviously) many readers -

Frank Jimenez

We'll add that many Wonkette correspondents found him too hot to believe he'd have to pay for sex. If you're really looking, Frank, drop us another line.

Who Is "F"? It Is Not Frank Jimenez, That's For Sure [Wonkette]


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