I will stuff your rape-baby back in your womb, with these bare handsTom Tancredo is engaged in a noble quest to keep the Colorado governor's race as hilarious as possible, and he is not disappointing! We all know Tom's big thing is immigration, but how can you work that into your quixotic third-party run for the governorship of a state that doesn't even border Mexico? We'll probably find out later; for now, he's going to go with abortion, instead, because it's well known that abortion is to ladies as immigration is to Mexicans. And supposedly ultra-right-wing Republican candidate Dan Maes just picked a lady as his running mate! Do you think this lady might have opinions about wombs and the babies that grow there -- opinions different from Tom Tancredo's?

Tom Tancredo thinks this, apparently!

Tancredo has heavily criticized Maes for his characterization of his business career and his choice of lieutenant governor, former Colorado state Rep. Tambor Williams.

"He just picked a lieutenant governor candidate who was the most pro-choice member of the legislature and he claims to be a strong pro-life person," the former presidential candidate said. "He's a total fraud."

Wow, the most pro-choice member of the entire legislature? Let's find out about her radical positions!

"I will probably say I am pro-life, with the exceptions that we have come to respect ... the life of the mother, rape, incest," Williams said, according to Fox affiliate KDVR. "I think there are times when pro-life has to give way to the best of possible choices, and they're never, ever easy."

Good lord, it sounds like she is basically an abortionist herself, and probably tried to give abortions on the floor of the Colorado legislature on the sly, while all the other legislators were telling 15-year-old girls how awesome it was going to be to raise their daughter-sister. Thankfully, Tom Tancredo exposed this hypocrisy, since the Constitution gives state lieutenant governors unlimited power over abortion policy.

Tom Tancredo also announced that he had raised $100,000, so he now doesn't care whether Maes quits the race or not, because he's staying in no matter what. He also denied rumors that he would make Michelle Malkin his running mate, because he's a terrible monster, but not actually a war criminal. [CNN]


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