Fred Thompson Has Complete Control of Every GOP Primary Voter

Rudy & Walnuts & L. Ron Romney can waste all the time and money they want, but it won't matter because teevee star Fred Thompson has a direct line to each Republican voter's brain: Fred is the frequent guest host of radio legend Paul Harvey's talk-radio features, which play in the central cortex of elderly GOP voters three times a day. (Harvey is also heard on 1,200 U.S. radio stations and via military mind-control rays overseas.) Since last year, Thompson has been the regular fill-in for 87-year-old Harvey.

With his history of divorce, drug-addicted children, Hollywood floozies, teevee stardom and cancer, Fred Thompson "has what it takes" to win over religious conservatives who hunger for somebody as tall and amoral as Ronald Reagan. And now you know ... the rest of the story. SEND FRED THOMPSON!

A thriving dark horse [Baltimore Sun]


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