Fred Thompson: Just Like George Washington!

Apparently Fred Thompson's website -- Fred and I or Sanford and Fred or The Courtship of Fred Thompson's Father or I'm With Stupid Fred --has a little section where Fred compares himself to George Washington, the father of our country and first man ever to invoke Executive Privilege.

In the tradition of President George Washington, a leader Thompson had admired growing up, he walked away from an easy reelection victory to seek new challenges. He joined the American Enterprise Institute as a visiting scholar, traveled the country as speaker and served on a Wall Street advisory board.

While the New York Sun's Ryan Sager notes the ways that Fred differs from Washington (George never freed a slave until he died, Ryan, give Fred time), we decided to be a little more fair to the creepy old man and figure out how they're alike.

* Old

* Fake teeth

* Married way outta their league

* Syphilis

* Probably blasted on rye whiskey 90% of the time

* Washington had secretary named "Thompson," Thompson fucks his secretary.

Uh... that's about all we got. You guys?

My Mother the Fred Thompson

Thompson Campaign: Thompson Just Like George W. [Latest Politics]


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