Fred Thompson Should've Worn His Supporters' Stupid Hats

Well, you must tell me, baby, How your head feels under somethin' like thatHollywood Fred Thompson was all set to be the pretend president who lost to Hillary Clinton in November, but he just didn't want the job enough. After all, he is very old and very rich from his terrorist dealings and he's so very, very lazy. Perhaps most importantly, he refused to put on those novelty hats people give you when you're on the campaign trail.

Thompson, who is an experienced Washington lawyer and sometimes lobbyist, showcased his contempt for conventional political rituals, scheduling few public events, refusing to wear hats given him by supporters and declining to interrupt rivals during debates.

Also, now that we're saying good-bye to Pretend President Fred, we'd like to take one more look at this still-unexplained video of his little daughter child chewing on a giant diaphragm:

[youtube expand=1]

Thompson drops out of race [Baltimore Sun]


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