Fred Thompson's Administration Will Continue Proud Bush-Cheney Legacy

What does Fred Thompson's campaign staff and the current Bush-Cheney White House staff have in common? They're all basically the same people!

If you loved eight fun-filled years under Bush-Cheney, just imagine how much better it will be with all the same corrupt fuckups, but with the addition of an old divorced actor who has cancer. The following legendary GOP operatives are already signed up for the Fred Thompson Juggernaut, even though he's not officially announcing until July 4.

* George P. Bush, the child of Jeb who isn't a crack whore.

* Michael Turk, internets chief for the Bush 43 campaigns.

* Thomas J. Collamore from the Bush 41/Reagan administrations.

* David M. McIntosh, another GHWB/Reagan guy.

* Mary Matalin, sinister information minister for Bush 41 and current Cheney henchwoman.

* Lawrence B. Lindsey, economics guy for Bush 41.

* Bush's dog, Barney.

Key Bush backers rally to Fred Thompson [Politico]


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