Free At Last, Almost: Noriega Will Be Released

Best buddies! - WonketteRemember George H.W. Bush's first war? He got pissed off at his buddy Manuel Noriega because Manny stopped giving a cut of the coke money to the CIA, and next thing you know U.S. Marines are blasting Van Halen at the Panamanian Vatican Embassy ... and that's how the leader of a sovereign nation (that we actually stole from Colombia) ended up in a Miami prison for 15 years.

We are aware that none of this makes any sense. It didn't then, either.

Noriega is set to be paroled in September, having served more than half of his 30-year sentence for the crime of pissing off Bush 41 and the CIA, his employers, who only cut him off in 1988 -- less than a year before the United States would invade to topple him. His trial was a farce, as many agents from

the CIA, DEA, DIA and Israel's Mossad said at the time.

He'll supposedly go back to Panama and be tried for the murder of two political opponents, and then YouTube will have the cellphone video of his decapitation. Yay!

US to free Noriega but Panama lies in wait [The Australian]


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