Free Borf

We Dont Get It EitherWe read the news today, oh boy. Graffiti artist Borf was arrested yesterday. Truly, Washington has lost something. Like, say, a graffiti artist. We can't say we understood his campaign, but we appreciated his attention to detail. As the WP noted, he was "conscientious about matters of spelling and punctuation." His epigrams made a him Robin Hood of the surreal, stealing from what made sense to give us something that did not make sense. So you'd understand why the Post would agree to protect the identity of this urban rebel: "The Post was able to ascertain his identity as John Tsombikos independently, but did not publish a story because the man's condition for granting interviews was anonymity." Hey, good thing no subpoenas were issued, eh? Matt Cooper might have felt goosey about going to jail to protect Karl Rove, but imagine explaining to your lawyer that you're willing to go to jail to protect "Borf."

The Mark of Borf [WP]

Who is "BORF"? [DCist]

Borf is a four-letter word for joy. [Flickr]


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