Free Grocery Store In Middle School Gunna Make Sure EVERYBODY Eats

In College Park, Georgia, right next to Atlanta, a new grocery store opened up yesterday, which wouldn't normally be news, except everything in this store is free, and it's located next to the gym in Ronald McNair Middle School, a Title 1 school that serves poor kids. The store is the brainchild of Jasmine Crowe, founder of anti-hunger nonprofit Goodr, and was partly funded by rapper Gunna, who went to school at McNair himself. (The school is named after astronaut Ron McNair, who died in the 1986 explosion of the space shuttle Challenger.)

Look here's video!

It'll be getting food and other necessities to families of kids at the school, which has about 900 students. Students' families can use an app or Goodr's website to request food, hygiene products, and home supplies, and then the kids will be able to pick the stuff up at the school store. The store includes a clothing outlet called called "Gunna's Drip Closet," which we suspect is some sort of rap slang and not an indication that the ceiling leaks. That features Gunna merch, clothes (including school uniform items and casual stuff too), and even sneakers donated by Atlanta Foot Locker stores and Reebok.

Students will also be able to pick up some items just by stopping in, like snacks and hygiene stuff. No, not sneakers, you nutty kids, your family has to request those. Beyond the store, Goodr will also prepare fresh meats and produce off site, to deliver to families that need it.

Goodr founder Jasmine Crowe has also written a children's book, Everybody Eats, in which a little girl learns her friend's family is experiencing hunger, and darned if the girl is going to let that happen. Sales of the book will fund Goodr's food programs, and if you order using the linky there, Yr Wonkette gets a little tiny cut of each purchase, too.

We were somewhat disappointed to see that Major ____ de Coverly does not appear to make an appearance in the story. Perhaps there'll be a sequel.

To mark the store's opening, the city of South Fulton declared yesterday "Gunna Day"; Mayor William Edwards honored the rapper with a proclamation noting Gunna's service to people in Georgia, including paying bail for jail inmates and other acts of general awesomeness:

Since 2018, through his Gunna Great Giveaway Foundation, Gunna has exhibited his efforts to serve the greater good, by hosting free grocery stores in the community and providing over $100,000 in gift cards to families during the pandemic and supplied thousands of families in Houston, Texas with household items after the 2021 historic winter storms.

Gunna was pretty happy with how the store project turned out, telling a local TV station, "This is things I said I was gonna do when I got in a position to do it so I just gotta follow that," and saying the store was "Amazing. Perfect."

Earlier this year, Gunna and Goodr partnered to run a free pop-up grocery store in a park in College Park, a precursor to the in-school store, which they plan to keep going for years. Neat!

Now, what America really needs is for this stuff to be just kind of everywhere, without nonprofits having to find celebrities and local companies willing to provide services that in civilized countries are available to everyone, oops there we go socialisting again.

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