Free H St. NE Shuttle Service Will Save You From the Evil X2 Bus


H St. NE is such a bitch to get to, but thankfully, someone was smart enough to realize that the only reason no one ever goes down to H St. is because it's inaccessible and that the X2 bus sucks. Also, H St. can be a bit of a sketchy place. There are prostitutes, homeless people and drug dealers all over the sidewalks, and that's why you need a cute little shuttle bus with a sleek logo to help you safely traverse the city.

H St. NE has a lot to offer, including the beloved Rock & Roll Hotel, Sticky Rice Cafe, the Palace of Wonders and the Red and the Black. Hopefully the influx of DCites into this district won't raise beer prices.

The H St. NE bus is free and currently runs from 5PM till normal Metro closing hours, going from Gallery Place to Minnesota Avenue. There isn't a website for shuttle service up yet, so you'll have to guess when and where it will pick you up. The Chinatown/Gallery Place metro is a good place to start.

For more info on the H St. NE Shuttle service, click here..


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