Free Mumia! Tomorrow's the Big Anti-War March!

Actual picture on the March On Washington site ... - WonketteGot protest fever? Then you'll for sure want to go march around with the giant puppets, Palestinian activists, Free Mumia people, PETA, Indymedia kids, Cindy Sheehan and hundreds of bewildered tourists just trying to cross The Mall tomorrow.

As usual, official Washington will be nowhere around, because it's Saturday. Media coverage will be sparse and what little coverage the protest gets will go unseen, because it's Saturday and because it's Saturday.

But this protest is a step up from the last seven or eight Marches On Washington: This time, four actual congresspeople -- Kucinich, Conyers, Waters & Woolsey (D-Communists) -- are scheduled to attend, and there are at least two celebrities you've probably heard of before. (Yes, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, but still!)

March On Washington [United For Peace]


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