Free Republic Deep Thinkers Too Smart For Hillary's Leftist Mind-Control Agents

OMG guise! They areon to us! A post by "Chickensoup" on Free Republic today has uncovered the ugly truth!

Leftists like to control the vocabulary and the discourse.

Leftists have decided to amputate the word Clinton from the name of Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill Clinton, our former president.

No self-respecting conservative should EVER use the name Hillary without the mandatory last name, Clinton. She carries all the baggage that the name Hillary Clinton provides.

Do not be manipulated by leftists, use her whole name.

If headline space is an issue I recommend: Mrs. Clinton.

Damn it all to hell! Our brilliant plan, exposed for all to see! Otherwise, nobody would have ever been reminded who she's married to! [SFX: gnashing teeth]

A few others in the thread offered improvements:

I use the term “Mrs. Bill Clinton” as often as I can. It really frosts them, so it is so worth it.

Oh, my! It is so true! In the Sekrit Wonket Chat Cave, we have all been paralyzed with impotent feminist wrath, crying and spontaneously developing menstrual cramps -- even the nominal "guys" -- at this reassertion of patriarchal authority!

And just in case there was any doubt, another poster explained why adding that last name -- the last name that all true Americans hate with a passion that almost equals their Pavlovian disgust at the name/obscenity "O***a," is so very important, because the name Clinton will automatically summon up the demons of the past:

And it reminds them of the Bad Old Days when womyn were considered to be subservient to the husband. Exactly the way Mrs. Clinton’s husband would prefer things to be.

What they’re trying to do is create “Hillary” as the brand, a new and different shiny thing to distract people’s attention away from the old Hillary Rodham Clinton, fired ex-congressional staffer, former Rose Law partner, co-conspirator in bimbo-coverups, cattle futures and Whitewater profiteer, and general apologist and enabler for William Jefferson “Bubba” Clinton and inventor of the Great Right Wing Conspiracy.

Who wouldn’t want to leave all that baggage behind?

Gosh. Now that they've seen through out clever ruse, to disassociate Hillary from That Man and his shameful history of keeping women subservient, whatever shall we do? WHATEVER SHALL WE DO?!?

[SFX: Wilhelm Scream]

Maybe we should have her pick a cheerful campaign song or something.

[Free Republic]

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