Free Sex For New York State Politicians ... So Why Did Spitzer Have To Rent Hookers?

The dapper adultererCitizens, do you think that important legislative things happen in the capital of your state, for example the passing of laws? You are right, sort of! Sometimes laws do get passed, but it's only because our elected representatives need something to do in the 30-45 minutes of the day they aren't chasing skirts and fondling ripe man-flesh. After the jump, an up-to-the-minute thumbnail history of all the foul misdeeds and sexy hijinks our state leaders engage in when they're supposed to be reading that bill about the toll roads.

  • "Up until just a few years ago, lawmakers [in Albany] would go 'window shopping' for interns at the start of every legislative session. In a practice that went on for decades, the interns would be corraled in a Capitol newsstand, and legislators would take their pick."
  • Match the state to its legislator's foul misdeed! a) Colorado b) Washington c) Arkansas; 1) Fondled 17-year-old girl at his home 2) Allegedly made fresh remarks and showed off his wang to a female lobbyist in a bar 3) Allegedly picked up a man at an adult book store (while he was married, to a woman), and the man tried to blackmail him.
  • Spitzer spitzer, blah blah blah.
  • A potential Republican candidate for New York Governor ended up going to prison after he stalked a woman by posing as a private investigator. Also he wrote her beautiful love letters threatening to kidnap her daughter.
  • People are just not as classy about their affairs anymore. New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller used to wear a tophat and monocle for his assignations with glamorous ladies, and now the latest governor gets popped for banging some chick who looks like Stiffler's mom.

Statehouses often look like frat houses [AP/Newsweek]


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