The House Freedom Caucus is at it again, and this time they're taking aim at fellow Republican Rod Rosenstein. Politico reported Friday that Mark Meadows (R-Cackalacky) and Jim Jordan (R-Coverup) are ginning up support to impeach the deputy attorney general. See, Rosenstein is in BIG TROUBLE MISTER for refusing to turning over all the DOJ's confidential source material on the Russia investigation so that the GOP treason weasels can selectively leak it to their pals at Fox.

Rod Rosenstein does not have time for this shit -- he's busy right now indicting all those Russian military officials for hacking our election!

Here he is getting a fit of the giggles when the GOP fuckwits tried this nonsense two months ago.

I can tell you there have been people who have been making threats privately and publicly against me for quite some time, and I think they should understand by now, the Department of Justice is not going to be extorted. We're going to do what's required by the rule of law, and any kind of threats that anybody makes are not gonna affect the way we do our job. We have a responsibility, and we take an oath. That's the whole point.

Apparently, Jordan and Meadows failed to learn their lesson two months ago, and maybe even as we type they're introducing articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein for the HIGH CRIME of trying to protect FBI sources. But Meadows hopes to succeed Paul Ryan (as minority leader, we guess), and Jim Jordan is in a wee spot of bother, what with having failed to do jack shit about hundreds of young men in his care getting molested by their team doctor. So they're dusting off their singlets, ready to grapple mano-a-mano with Rod Rosenstein.

(Dear God, please don't force us to look at Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows in wrestling singlets. Thank you. Amen.)

Things were looking bleak for the Treason Caucus. Their all-day Strzokapalooza had not gone well. And that was before Trey Gowdy's alter-ego, a clean-shaven, reasonable adult, escaped from the closet again.

For what? Impeach him for what? No.

I've had my differences with Rod Rosenstein. I talk to him quite often privately, which again is a lot more constructive than the public hearings we have. He's a Trump appointee. So is [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions. So is [FBI Director] Chris Wray. If President Trump is dissatisfied with Rod Rosenstein, he can fire him with a tweet.


Next, Trey Gowdy would like to know when Putin is handing over the 25 Russians the US has indicted.

But then it was back to Gowdy's normal liescape, as he went on to say that he doesn't like public hearings because they are a circus.

We're not senile, you pointy headed little fucker! We were all there for the eleventy million hours of Benghazi hearings.

Okay, that's enough gaslighting for a Monday morning. We'll keep you posted on these lying sumbitches. Bad Gowdy should be back on television calling to waterboard the Justice Department in 3...2...

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Can we just say that when Fox idiot Maria Bartiromo sounds like the sane person in a situation, that is a worrisome situation? That is what happened when Donald Trump -- who's just had a fantastic Infrastructure Week, assuming it is Infrastructure Week, and we always do -- sat down for what was supposed to be an easy breezy "You're the best!"/"No YOU are, Mister President!" interview with his beloved Fox pals.

Instead Maria Bartiromo had to ask the question on everybody's mind, which is WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU OH MY GOD, or, more clearly, is there a reason you have spent this entire week of your presidency picking a fight with a dead guy, who somehow seems to be winning that fight, because you are literally so stupid and incompetent you LOSE FIGHTS TO DEAD GUYS?

She said it nicer than that, though.

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Last fall, after Wisconsin voters rejected Gov. Scott Walker's reelection bid and chose Democrat Tony Evers instead, Republicans in the state legislature got very busy doing anything they could to limit the power of the incoming governor and the new Democratic attorney general, Josh Kaul. Hey, voters may have chosen Evers, but that didn't mean Rs had to let Democrats actually govern, now did it? As Republican state House Speaker Robin Vos rather notoriously said at the time, the lege had to act because "We are going to have a very liberal governor who is going to enact policies that are in direct contrast to what many of us believe in." So in a two day "extraordinary session," the Republicans shifted power from the executive branch and gave those powers to the legislature, which conveniently remained in Republican control thanks to gerrymandering. Scott Walker signed the bills and then began his career as an idiot on Twitter.

Yesterday, a Wisconsin judge found the entire lame duck session violated the state constitution, and invalidated the laws it passed. Dane County Circuit Judge Richard Niess said in his decision the Wisconsin constitution is quite specific about when the legislature can meet, and nope, the "extraordinary session" didn't meet the constitutional requirements, so sorry guys, you didn't follow the rules and your laws ARE MOOT.

The Associated Press lawsplains the constitutional neener-neener:

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