Freedom Marchers Terrified of Washington D.C.

Freedom Marchers Terrified of Washington D.C.

TheMarch on Washington is almost here, as are our Patriotic Morning Drinking Plans. But did you know it's kind of scary to come to a place like D.C., especially to the touristy National Mall which crawls with Park Service police night and day, and is only visited by other white people tourists on summer weekends? Join us for a children's treasury of "I am worried there might be scary snakes" Paultard travel-tip forum posts.

Wonkette locals are concerned with the obvious American issues, such as, "Are you sure Tune Inn's open and serving at eight on Saturdays, because I've never been up that early on a Saturday before." But for the dozens of Million Paultard March people visiting our nation's decrepit capital for the first time, there are other worries.

Because of being poor, most of the Paultards plan on staying at campgrounds an hour or two from D.C., and then maybe trying to find a bus or something to get them to the closest Metro station, and then emerging at the end of the Red Line past Silver Spring or wherever, and then finally making it to the Capitol at 1 a.m., when they'll all be mugged and finally arrested for vagrancy. So most of the March on Washington issues are about the Mystery of Nature.

  • What's the mosquito problem like if there is one? Can you sleep outside your tent if it gets too hot?
  • Er...My question about mosquitoes or other reasons to not sleep outside your marauders, snakes? Pleeaaaze? I come from a country with no poisonous creatures whatsoever and i don't want to be bit!!
  • There are some poisonous snakes here in VA (Copperheads and Timber Rattlesnakes), but I don't know how common they are around the D.C. area. I personally wouldn't sleep in the open because I don't like bugs, and yes there are mosquitoes in the summer, so you'd probably get eaten alive by them. In any case, I'd recommend sleeping inside a tent, not that I'm much of a camper.
  • Yeah I might go the hotel route too if worse comes to worse. I really like the camping idea, but we have to make sure to have solutions for the mosquitoes issue especially by any lake or stagnant pools. Do we have anyone who's pretty much a camping expert to help offer suggestions on how to preempt any misery issues? Also I'm not sure how I'd get all the way out there from the airport. Metro...then ride from someone? Not sure...
  • OK, snakes will hide from us as they don't like big traffic areas. Unless we are camping on the Potomic , the chances of finding a snake are slim. Mosquitos, however, are different.
  • My former marine friend told me camping in the area of DC in July is a bad idea. He says the heat and humidity will be terrible. Absolutely terrible, he says.
  • Imagine us taking over whole campgrounds! It will be like RonStock!

Lodging/Camping in DC for the March [Ron Paul Forums]


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