Freestanding Kitchens! 13 Unfitted Kitchen Ideas! Tabs, Wed., March 22, 2023

Unfitted kitchen cabinet tab by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Rand Paul thinks Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg should be "put in jail" for (possibly? Has he yet?) indicting Donald Trump. Because it's only legal to prosecute someone for violating campaign finance laws to pay hush money to someone you've had an affair with if they are John Edwards. (Twitter)

Supreme Court unanimously says this young man (harrowing Wonk link!) can sue fuck out of his school. — Chris Geidner at Lawdork

Okay, Los Angeles Mayor our beloved Karen Bass, how are we going to solve the homelessness crisis? Oh, lots of ways, starting now? I love that about you. (New Yorker)

I like this one! California Gov. Gavin Newsom wants Old Joe to allow him to use Medicaid funding for six months' worth of "transitional housing" rent for low-income Medicaid enrollees. — LA Times

Meanwhile too also, LA teachers are out on strike (CNN) in solidarity with support staff (bus drivers, cafeteria workers, etc). Bass on how the city will help with your kids (libraries, the LA zoo, and all the community rec centers) while that gets fixed to everyone's satisfaction (giving the staff whatever they want, obviously).

Is Ron DeSantis the Republican Michael Dukakis? No, because Michael Dukakis is nice. Regardless, Bill Scher goes deeper on the data about who's moving to Florida and why (they are old, and they suck) before pointing out that DeSantis's Florida miracle is very not that. (Washington Monthly)

Florida Republican senator wants to bar schools from using a pronoun different from a child's assigned sex at birth, even if the parents want them to, and he literally says it's for parents' rights by which he means other parents' rights to determine how you parent your child. — Miami Herald

Weep weep for the continually declining white Christians (now an actual minority!) of America, I SAID WEEP. And white evangelicals? Are now less than 15 percent of the population, isn't that a shame. Robert P. Jones explains the PRRI's new census on American religion, and why MAGA is desperate. — Substack

Oh no, somebody beat up the Proud Boys :( (FreedomTV / Balloon Juice)

The lunatics are giving horse paste to their kids to treat autism. I'm going back to bed. — Science Based Medicine / Vice

These are the worst centerpiece "ideas" I have ever seen, they're so bad I made Shy look at them too. You'll hate them! (The Spruce)

Who's going down a two-week interior design rabbithole on "unfitted kitchens"? It's a me, Mario! — Homes and Gardens

1920s kitchens aqui! Get used to it! There will almost certainly be more! (Apartment Therapy)

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