Freight Train To Hell

  • Barack Obama starts practicing the Old Style Politics of Negativity and Division, hoping to close the gap with Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania. [New York Times]
  • The Keystone State has registered about 217,000 new voters, most of them Democrats, which could spell trouble for Hillary Clinton tomorrow and John McCain in the fall. [Politico]
  • All those unbiased military analysts you've been seeing on the news for the past six years? Pentagon shills, all. [New York Times]
  • Rising fuel costs boost the once ailing freight railway industry. (Amtrak is still doomed, though.) [Washington Post]
  • Democratic leaders assure a troubled party that all of the terrible infighting will only last another six to ten weeks. Then superdelegates will really need to get off the proverbial pot. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Here is another way that Baby Boomers are plotting to ruin America: when they retire, there won't be enough skilled workers to replace them. [Los Angeles Times]

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