French City Real Mad They're Not Allowed To Put Nazi Triangles On The Homeless, TO HELP THEM

You would think we've all learned our lesson about forcing certain segments of the population to wear yellow thingies on their clothes so we can easily identify them and say "Ewwwwww, you're one of those people." But in the French city of Marseille, officials forgot history and were condemned to try to repeat it.

Some les idiots came up with the novel idea to require homeless people to wear yellow triangles on their clothes, but for a very good reason, they swear.

Deputy Mayor Xavier Mery explained that these yellow triangles, which were to be distributed by SAMU (social medical emergency services), were intended merely to list the medical information of the triangle-wearers for health care providers to more easily attend to medical emergencies. We can't argue with the desire to take better care of the homeless; that actually seems like a good thing, the kind of feel-good socialism we've come to expect from civilized countries that are not America.

But if we think real long and hard and scratch our heads a bit and squint just the right way, we can see how some people might think forcing people to wear yellow thingies on their clothes might be sort of like that one time when some other people were also forced to wear yellow thingies on their clothes, which did not go so well for them, if we recall correctly, but who knows, maybe we're remembering wrong.

Deputy Mayor Mery, however, can't even begin to understand why anyone would have a problem with it.

“I’m appalled by the absurd controversy surrounding this help card distributed by the SAMU (social medical emergency services),” he said in a statement.

“It not only questions the necessity of a scheme for homeless people but also the commitment of the city, the SAMU and volunteers to come to the aid of those who need it the most…SAMU staff and volunteers undertake respectable work, unlike the naysayers who do not help the situation by creating false debates and futile demonstrations.”

We are appalled too by the overly sensitive naysayers who do not care about the homeless and are creating some kind of false flag equivalence between yellow triangles and pink triangles and yellow Stars of David. Like Christophe Louis, naysaying president of homeless charity Collectif Morts de la Rue, who called it “scandalous” and “stigmatising," like some kind of over-reacting PC officier de police.

“Wearing something that shows the whole world what illnesses you have is not only discriminating but it also breaches all medical confidentiality,” he added.

“Being identified by either a star or a triangle is horrific.”

Sadly, the city has been forced to abandon its well-meaning initiative and will now have to find some other way to ensure that the city's homeless are properly identified -- FOR THEIR OWN GOOD, NO REALLY. Perhaps if they could establish some sort of camp ... Certainly no one could object to that.

[Independent via Haaretz]


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