Nice to see things work out for him for a change

French President Francois Hollande visited les Etats-Unis flying solo, but the White House solved its State Dinner protocol problem: with no presidential spouse to seat next to Michelle Obama, they gave the spot to Stephen Colbert, who gracefully proclaimed himself First Lady of France. Hope some White House staffer gets a promotion for that. On Wednesday's show, Colbert had entirely too much fun showing off his invitation, his souvenir menu, and photos of himself at the event.

Which led to this weird segment, with Fox's Shep Smith reading the official menu on his giant iPad set. Turns out that's not the only time Smith has treated viewers to the intricacies of White House food, and so we get a solid two minutes of Sheppard Smith talking about White House menu items while Fox reporters stand by in wonderment. No, really, you have to experience this to believe it.  "Kittycat meow thousand dollars," indeed. Shep Smith: nobody can explain it.


Doktor Zoom

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