Friday Nice-Time: A Love Letter to Rosa DeLauro


Yr Wonkette is ashamed to admit that we were hitherto unaware of the awesomeness of Representative Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn) before seeing the picture above. We are ashamed! Like rending garments levels of ashamed, because this woman is pretty much the coolest thing ever, despite RollCall's sober cuntiness, as seen above. We are especially ashamed because apparently, besides having themost amazing wardrobe ever (seriously, go buy HuffPo a treat to say thanks for that slideshow), DeLauro is also, too, actually powerful and progressive:

As the ranking member dealing with appropriations for Labor, Health, Human Services, and Education, Rosa is determined to increase support for education and innovation, to fully implement the new health care reform law, to protect the rights of employees and unions, and raise living standards. Rosa has led the fight in Congress to achieve full pay equity for women and to ensure that all employees have access to paid sick days.

She founded the Congressional Progressive Caucus. She is an outspoken liberal Catholic Democrat! There is a tumblr devoted to her awesome hipsterness!

See? Those are all awesome things! Can you imagine how cool the world would be if we had Rosa DeLauro getting shit done instead of Congress being held hostage by terrible people!

We want Rosa DeLauro to be our congressperson, our cool mom, our best friend, and our personal shopper and we want it now.

[DeLauro Official Site/HuffPo/Tumblr]


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