Karl, Scooter & Franken-Bartlett - WonketteThe Scooter Libby trial might get interesting next week. Michael Isikoff just posted a short-yet-confusing thing on MSNBC.com that attempts to explain this latest twist. Our interpretation:

* If Karl Rove testifies, it may prove the White House is a den of vipers and not the team of patriotic Bushbots we so desperately need to concentrate on wrecking America and the whole world.

* If Dan Bartlett testifies, it may make people realize he has a powerful role in the Bush Administration.

* Tim Russert is still plotting against us.

* Ari Fleischer has been claiming he's so not involved that he doesn't even have a lawyer, but in truth Fitzgerald has given him immunity after he pulled a Fifth on Fitz.

* Scott McClellan never said one truthful thing in his entire White House career, not even in response to seemingly innocent questions as "Is today Tuesday?" and "How was your weekend?"

Will Rove Testify? [Newsweek]


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