Frightening Mechanized Future World Police Force Already Needs More Cash

[youtube expand=1]

The U.S. Army is demanding more money RIGHT NOW for their $160-billion dollar World Peace Force Futurization scheme, in which ordinary hero soldiers (at least, the ones who get stop-lossed back to Iraq in the year 2012) will be given powered exoskeletons and magnetorheological fluid suits which turn from liquid to solid, thereby preventing anyone from dying ever again in our awesome war. There will also be 50,000 volt electric guns for when we fight the giant insects on Planet P—and the thrilling if seemingly rickety Non-Line-of-Sight Cannons seen in the video above, which come complete with exciting rock music! Also the Army would apparently like some vehicles that do not blow up all the time. But this can only happen if they get $252 million more dollars RIGHT NOW. If not, then it is curtains for Caspar van Dien and all the other shirtless hotties proudly serving us overseas on this beautiful tax day. [Army Times]


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