From Greatest Generation To Neighborhood Watch

'I don't give a fuck about your war... or your president.' - WonketteFor the low, low price of another $6 billion (on top of the $400 billion we've already spent on Iraq), our troops just might secure several bad neighborhoods in Baghdad! And with another $10 billion or so for reconstruction and night-basketball leagues, Baghdad's youth will no longer be tempted to join the Crips or knock up their girlfriends.

Have America's stated imperial ambitions ever had such an Expensive to Pathetic ratio? Meet George W. Bush, your new interim urban redevelopment board member.

This is great news for the scores of rotting, crime-ridden U.S. cities -- because Washington will surely start securing decaying murder nests in the United States, right? Soon we'll stroll leisurely through the clean busy pedestrian malls of Compton, East St. Louis, the Lower Ninth Ward and that 75% of the District people tend to avoid.

Bush shifts Iraq tactics, strategy unchanged [Baltimore Sun]


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